Apple News for Android? Why not?

With new iPhones, AirPods and iPads imminent, Apple’s recent decision to make changes to the App Store and to permit developers of reader apps to sidestep the App store payments system may not be altruism. It permits Apple to compete.

Services for the rest of us

Think about it. We already know Apple’s services vision extends beyond its own platform. Key services, Music, TV, and iCloud work across multiple platforms.

Why wouldn’t it choose to offer News+, Arcade, and (potentially, but at present, unlikely, given Apple Watch integration) Fitness across multiple platforms — not to mention other services it may have planned. (Health? Podcasts? Payments?)

The problem under existing App Store rules is that if it takes a chunk of revenue from competitors in the same service categories providing services on its own platform, but fails to compete on an equal footing against them on others, Apple will be seen as anticompetitive.

The solution? Exactly what the company has done: Begin to open up its own market in order to avoid such accusations.

What this means

I think this means that at some point soon Apple may begin offering additional Apple services on other platforms to compete with others.

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