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There are several popular tech tools leading the way for remote development startups in 2021. According to recent studies, over 70% of companies plan to work remotely, even after the pandemic is over. Thus, many major technology companies have announced plans to upgrade technologies, allowing for permanent remote work. As a development entrepreneur starting a remote company, you need to know the latest tools and technologies for remote tech enterprises. This way, you can launch a productive remote startup and increase your earnings. Read on to discover the most popular tech stack tools paving the way for remote development startups in 2021.

Code Management Software

First, code management software is one of the most essential tools for any remote development team. Many of these tools offer free private repositories for small teams. When you are just getting started, this is a huge help to get your programs off the ground. In addition, some code management software systems include built-in continuous delivery features. Typically, these allow you to build, test, and deploy your projects on your integrated continuous integration and delivery pipeline. Plus, code management software often offers to pull request functions to streamline code review and collaboration. Certainly, code management software is a must-have for remote development startups this year.

Office Productivity Suites

Next, office productivity suites are another popular tool for your remote dev tech stack. Typically, these cloud-based software systems include a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software to manage your team’s work. These are also great tools for real-time collaboration. For example, you might use presentation software to create product pitches for your clients. In addition, spreadsheets are a great way to track your startup’s data. Plus, you usually do not have to worry about saving your work with a cloud-based system. Indeed, this eliminates time-consuming difficulties and frustrations that can result from a system crash. As long as you have a reliable, secure connection, you typically have no problems saving your work. Absolutely, office productivity suites are essential to boost developer productivity in 2021.

Collaboration Software

In addition, collaboration software is essential for your 2021 remote development startup. Of course, there are many different types of collaboration tools for remote teams to improve communications. For example, conference calling software allows you to video chat with your team. Often, it includes screen sharing features, so you can collaborate on projects and programs together. On the other hand, task management solutions typically provide boards to organize your projects and teams. With these, you can build in workflow automation, such as due dates. To choose the best collaboration tool for your company, identify your most pressing needs. Research their software integrations as well. Many systems may pair easily with your code management software. Definitely, collaboration software is a crucial component for any remote developer’s tech stack.

Client-Side Programming Frameworks

Moreover, client-side programming frameworks are another popular tool for remote software development companies. Usually, web developers utilize these front-end tools to make their pages visible to users. Notably, client-side frameworks offer a variety of features to streamline development. For example, many have extensive code libraries for easy reusability. Indeed, this allows programmers to build their web applications faster, even when working remotely. Of course, these frameworks usually require HTML, CSS, or JavaScript programming language knowledge. Therefore, client-side programming frameworks are best for an experienced remote web developer staff.

Server-Side Tools

Lastly, server-side tools are also essential for remote developers in 2021. Like client-side programming frameworks, these are typically used for website and application development. However, these tools are used to power the client-side of your software. Typically, server-side tech stacks consist of a backend programming language, web server, and reliable database. Many popular server-side programming languages include Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, and PHP. Choose whichever one suites your projects and coding knowledge. Remember, web servers are essential to handle your clients’ requests. Furthermore, a reliable database is crucial to organize and store your application information. Undoubtedly, server-side tools are essential for remote developers building web applications.

There are several popular tech tools paving the way for remote web development startups in 2021. First, code management software can streamline automation and code review across your team. Next, office productivity suites are essential to store, share, and work on documents in real-time. In addition, collaboration software offers robust solutions for communication and workflow organization. Moreover, install client-side programming frameworks when developing web applications. Lastly, server-side tools are also essential in any web developer’s tech stack. Integrate these popular tech tools paving the way for remote development startups.

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