Setting Up Your Android Smartphone for Enhanced Gaming

The popularity of Android games has increased among both teenagers and young adults. Everywhere you go, you’ll see at least a couple of Android smartphone users playing games like Call of Duty, Clash of Clans and even games on partycasino for those that love to risk money while gaming.

Nevertheless, many Android users experience recurrent issues while gaming which include quick battery drainage and lagging. When your phone is being used to play games, it utilizes a lot of speed. This vast amount of speed in turn generates heat.

When the heat reaches a certain level, your Android begins to experience thermal throttling which increases the lag in games and kills battery life over time.

This article will provide the best tips to set up your Android smartphone to make it more game-friendly.

Tips for Making Android Faster While Gaming

●     Modify the Screen Refresh Rate

The way gaming works, a higher screen refresh rate improves the visuals and the overall user experience of the game. Boosting your screen refresh rate allows your smartphone to give velvety animations and is probably the simplest way to boost gaming performance.

The screen refresh rate can be modified on certain models like Samsung and OnePlus. You have to head over to Settings, hit the ‘Display’ option, select ‘Advanced’, and then choose the highest refresh rate in the ‘Refresh Rate’ section.

●     Change Internet Connection

Internet connection primarily affects online games. Since your Android is simultaneously receiving and sending data, your internet connection speed impacts your gaming experience. If the internet speed is slow, you’ll most likely experience lagging in your game.

If you want to experience better gaming, you can change to a faster internet connection. The best option is to use 4G or 5G if you have access to it. You can also connect to a public Wi-Fi network if it is faster than your internet service provider.

●     Clear Off Junk from your Android Phone

A decrease in your Android phone’s storage leads to a corresponding reduction in gaming speed. If you have a lot of files that you don’t use anymore, you need to delete them. Android smartphones are known for collecting junk data from a variety of sources.

There’s a default feature in several Android smartphones that can delete junk files. Simply head over to ‘Storage’ in Settings and hit the ‘Free Up Space’ button.


Android smartphone games have increased in usage in the past few years. However, users find it difficult to enjoy games since lagging and battery issues can be experienced. You can delete junk, modify the screen refresh rate, and change your internet connection to experience faster gaming times.

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