Saturday’s Best Deals: Insignia 32″ Fire TV, Tacklife Jump Starters and Tire Inflators, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Macy’s Cookware, GoWise Air Fryer, N95 Masks, and More

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Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

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An Insignia 32-inch Smart HD Fire TV and a sale on Macy’s cookware lead Saturday’s best deals.

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You can purchase a 32-inch Insignia Fire HD tv for a cool $100 right now at Amazon. At this size, it may not be quite big enough for your living room set up, but this seems like an ideal fit for a kitchen or maybe a bedroom. It’s nice to have a small TV in the kitchen for watching while you clean or cook, and even more so if you like to follow recipes with a visual aid.

I have a Fire TV myself, and while I could stream Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and other services through my PlayStation 4, it is really convenient to have everything ready to run straight from my TV and saves on energy, as well (better to have one device running than two, right?).

This is the lowest this television has been priced at as far as I can tell, so grab this deal while it’s still available!

If you ordered an iPhone 12 Mini or 12 Pro Max last week, there’s a good chance it’ll be out for delivery today. Hopefully you already snagged a good case to keep your precious cargo safe, but if not, there’s no need to fret. Otterbox’s Defender case, which offers plenty of protection, is down to $20 at Target, saving you $40. The sale only goes through tomorrow, though, so act quick.

Fair warning: the case is bulky, but not as bulky as you’re probably thinking. I have the 12 Mini case in front of me, and it’s still pretty easy to fit in my hand without much fussing.

As I said in my wireless earbud roundup, Sony WF-1000XM3’s have an amazing sound quality and are just $168, which is $62 lower than the original list price. But if you’re not convinced, here’s a rundown:

“All in all, the half-hour I spent really was worth it. The sound was so crisp. The mids were truly mid and the bass was banging. I could hear all the richness in Whitney Houston’s voice when I listened to “I Have Nothing” one time for the one time. The coolest thing about these though is you can control the ambient sound by tapping the left earphone once and activate noise-canceling with two taps. You can also pause and skip songs by tapping on the right headphone.”

What are you waiting for? Grab a pair before they’re gone!

It’s no secret I love Marshall. They have consistently made quality products across all of their lines. My favorite headphones, earbuds, and speaker are from them. This portable speaker falls in line with all the others and today Best Buy has it for 20% off.

It looks like both the black and indigo color options are on sale. The Kilburn II pairs easy with your phone and will give you up to twenty hours of listening enjoyment off of a single charge. It’s been my experience that these don’t take overwhelmingly long to charge either. You can get two hours of playtime on just a twenty-minute charge. The range is decent and you should be able to still have a smooth connection even at thirty feet away. The sturdy strap lets you take it anywhere and will look sharp both inside and out.

There’s free shipping on this item.

Today, Aukey’s 21W USB-C car charger is only $9 when using coupon code VVF2B9UZ. With a USB-A port added, you can charge two devices at once, and the throughput is enough to charge more demanding devices like the iPad or Nintendo Switch at their fastest speeds, though you may only achieve that using one port at a time.

If you’re regularly charging two or more devices at once, consider picking up this 36W metallic upgrade. You’ll lose the USB-C hookup for a second USB-A port, but they support simultaneous quick charging at 18W each.

So you’re ready to grab a smart speaker, but not sure which route to go. You’ve got plenty of options, but right now Amazon has a two-pack of Sonos One speakers, which offers support for both Google Assistant and Alexa to suit all your needs, and can easily be paired up with all your other Sonos gear for better sound. At $380 even with a discount, it’s not cheap, but if you’ve got the money, you won’t be sweating it while you blast your favorite albums.

The iPad is nice, but even with the latest generations starting at much more approachable prices, it’s still kind of expensive. If you’re in the under-hundred club for a tablet budget, try the Lenovo Tab M8. Only $59 at Walmart (normally $90), the tablet ships with Android 9 Pie, but an Android 10 upgrade is just around the corner.

If you’ve had your eye on the Beats Solo Pro headphones, today is your lucky day. The full retail on these babies is $300, but you can get three vibrant color options at Best Buy for only $180. Of course, the dark blue, light blue, and red options have all hovered a good chunk lower than full retail and have been as low as $200 in recent weeks. But still, this is a bigger discount than normal.

Now is your chance to listen to your music and podcasts in style for a better price— don’t miss it!

Whether you’re still rocking with a dumb TV or your smart TV seems more like it faked its college degree, Rokus come to the rescue. They’re cheap and offer a no-nonsense smart apps platform, giving you access to all your favorite streaming apps with voice access. Take the Roku Premiere, which Amazon has on sale for $29 ($13 off) today.1

This box offers 4K HDR streaming and Dolby Atmos passthrough in apps that support it, and comes with a simple remote that makes it easy to access everything in no more than a few taps.

Over at Crutchfield, we’re seeing the lowest price ever on a pair of Polk speakers that can deliver surround audio. Just $300 (they’re usually $500 and the previous best price was $350), these floor-standing models support wall mounting with a smart rear design to deliver the best sound no matter your preferred setup. They’re no spring chickens for size, but that’s also what contributes to the powerful sound reviewers say they push.

If you’re going to give OLED a try, this might be the time to start considering. I’ll contend you can still get away with an LG B7, the baseline from a couple of generations ago, but the TVs have gotten exceptional. Burn-in and input lag are two of the biggest knocks against OLED, especially for gamers, but according to reviews, that should be a non-issue on the LG CX. So long as you’re not watching the news or playing games with the same HUD for many consecutive hours on end, you shouldn’t run into any nasty image retention issues anytime soon.

Now down to its all-time low price of $1,897 for the 65″ model or $3,497 for the 77″ size at Buy Dig. The CX is one of the best LG currently has to offer. It begins with that beautiful OLED panel, of course, which bids sayonara to muddy grays and backlight bleed thanks to its per-pixel lighting. For movies, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR return to give you the best cinematic experience possible, the latter adding a feature that automatically tunes the picture around your ambient lighting conditions and the content you’re watching.

The TV also includes both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, both of which are gaming features that eliminate screen tearing with little (if any) added input lag. Because of these tailored features, along with its gorgeous visuals and uniquely low price point, I’ve seen countless people in the gaming industry—including Bugsnax co-creator Philip Tibitoski, PCMag and Tom’s Guide writer Tony Polanco, and IGN’s Wesley DeBlanc—raving about the LG CX on Twitter. Buy it now and prepare yourself properly for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Active noise canceling, which helps block out external noise, has long been a feature exclusive to the most premium of headphones. Lately, however, we’re seeing the tech creep down to more affordable options, and these Boltune cans are a key example.

Right now, you can snag Boltune’s hybrid active noise canceling wireless headphones for just $30 at Amazon when you clip the coupon on the page and use exclusive promo code KINJADJS8, shaving $20 off the list price. These cushy-looking Bluetooth 5.0 headphones promise up to 30 hours of battery life per charge and deep bass feedback. And while you might think that the price tag signals so-so quality, the 4.5-star rating from more than 1,600 customer reviews suggests that they’re very stellar for the price.

AirPods Pro | $194 | Amazon

AirPods Pro | $194 | Amazon
Image: Adam Clark Estes/Gizmodo

I’m no stranger to the AirPods Pro magic Kinja Deals readers have gone apeshit over ever since Apple’s true wireless active noise-canceling earbuds first went on sale. Between the H1 chip—which allows for automatic pairing to iPhones and iPads and pretty damn seamless pairing to everything else as well—and their better than expected ability to block out ambient sound, the AirPods Pro are close to perfect. While I wasn’t a fan of the original AirPods due to the lack of rubberized tips, these boast substantive upgrades over their younger sibling and predecessor, including sweat and water resistance for intense exercise. And, for a limited time only I presume, they’re discounted 22% on Amazon.

Although I’ll admit the battery life leaves something to be desired, unless transparency mode is enabled, AirPods Pro are some of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy right now, and probably the best in their size with active noise canceling functionality. Just see what our friend Adam Clark Estes had to say in his review for Gizmodo:

I’ve never loved the AirPods. That’s mainly because I’m one of the few people whose ears just don’t fit with the mostly universal design. But they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t great earbuds. So when Apple announced the AirPods Pro with different fit options and a flurry of new features, I thought it must be time for me to be a fanatic. I’ve been using them for a week, and I love them.

One of his few complaints about AirPods Pro was the steep price tag, $250 MSRP. At $194, however, little more than a pair of Bose Soundsport Free and Jabra Elite 75t which don’t tout ANC technology or always-on pairing, AirPods Pro are a steal you don’t want to miss out on.

In his roundup of the best VPNs at Gizmodo, Andrew Couts called NordVPN “fast and easy to use,” citing accessibility and affordability as reasons to subscribe. Though it’s almost always marked down from its $287 list price, the 2-year plan is nonetheless the cheapest option to get started with the service and continue using it long-term. For a limited time only, though, it’s not only 68% off, bringing your total to just $89 for 730 days, but it also comes with an extra plan on top of that—chosen at random by the Nordic gods—using the promo code KINJAGIFT through December 1.

Couts says in his abbreviated review:

No matter what you pay, you’ll get access to more than 5,400 servers in more than 60 countries, a bunch of features you may or may not want, and, because the company is based in Panama, assurances that your data—or lack of data, as the case may be—is outside of U.S. and European jurisdictions. Like every other VPN on this list, NordVPN claims to have a “strict no-logs policy,” so most of your data isn’t collected, the company says. It does still collect your email address, payment information, and the timestamp of the last time you launched the VPN.

But NordVPN isn’t without its downsides. “…some researchers have found that it sends your email address and Google Ad ID to a marketing company when you register through the Android app and contains some trackers,” Couts explains. “Another downside is that some of NordVPN’s servers are rented, which means another company you need to trust is in the mix. And yes, one of those servers got hacked in 2018.”

Still, if you want the one of the most reliable VPN clients, with the budget to support its robust infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. Plus, with availability on virtually every platform you can think of—from macOS to Android TV—it’s equal parts ubiquitous and acclaimed. Endorsed by PCMag, Wired, CNET, Business Insider, and more, it may be time to board the Nord hype train if you’re somehow unwedded to a VPN already.

Between the pandemic and the election season, it has been a stressful fall for all of us. Why not kick back with a new game to escape for an hour or two (or 50) in your off-time this week?

You can grab digital, Xbox One versions of both Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War right now for 10% off at Eneba by using codes VALHALLAXBOX and COLDWARXBOX at checkout, respectively (obvs).

While it only amounts to about $6 off each, you can’t get much lower than that on two brand-spanking-new games (both came out just earlier this week). Treat yourself!

Best Buy is unloading Switch games for as little as $35 today, which is a hair lower than we usually see the company’s games dip. Down at that mark are Yoshi’s Crafted World, New Super Mario Bros. U, Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, that last one stealing hours of my own life, I’ll attest.

You’ll also find great titles at just $5 more, including The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Maker 2, and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Razer is dropping its Black Friday deals early, and you’ll want to give them a serious look-see if you’re in need of peripheral upgrades. You’ll find that the BlackWidow Elite mechanical keyboard is down to $85, its lowest ever and 50% off MSRP. It features green switches—which are tactile and clicky—plus RGB lighting, USB passthrough, and a volume knob, something I’ll always award bonus points.

If you need a mouse to pair it with, several of those are up for grabs, too. You can go with the relatively simple Razer Viper, the light-as-feathers wired mouse with Chroma RGB lighting, eight programmable buttons, and a 16K optical sensor, now down to $40.

For the same price, however, you could also pick up the Razer Basilisk X. This low-latency gaming mouse has fewer programmable buttons (six) and ditches RGB, but brings the same 16K DPI sensor and an added Bluetooth option if you don’t want to lug the HyperSpeed wireless adapter around.

Then there’s this thing. That number pad squished onto the side may be unsightly at first, but mice like the Razer Naga Trinity (down to $70) are perfect for MMOs and any other games that need a lot of dedicated key bindings or macros. But actually, this one has interchangeable side button plates, giving you as few or as many buttons as you desire (two, seven, or twelve) for any given task.

From now until Monday grab two plushes from the Disney store in an almost two for one sale. There are well over 50 to pick from covering Pixar, princesses, and animated characters old and new. The price that is the highest will be the one you pay and then the next plush you select will just be $1. Use the code HUGS at checkout and see the savings in your cart.

I’m loving the design on WALL•E so I have to recommend him. I wish some of the Star Wars items were included in this sale but maybe when we get closer to the actual holiday Disney will have a good sale on those too. But there are lots of very cute characters to choose from so you’re sure to make a little one or a Disney fan of any age very happy.

Free shipping on orders over $75.

While, unlike the Xbox One and PS4 versions, BioShock: The Collection is unfortunately locked to 30fps on Nintendo Switch, I can say firsthand it looks pretty great running on my Switch Lite. For a limited time, it’s also $30 on Amazon and at Walmart, almost as low a price as its console equivalents. Complete with BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite and the DLC for all three, you’re getting a fantastic deal on the “definitive” BioShock experience. Explore Rapture and Columbia like you’ve never seen them before—on a handheld, on the go.

For those still looking to scratch that BioShock Vita itch Ken Levine promised all those years ago, now’s your chance to play pretend. Whatever your thoughts on the series, you can’t deny the creative direction, art style, and presentation translates perfectly to the Switch, even if playing a shooter using the system’s admittedly shallow right and left triggers is a bit awkward at first, and using the tiny thumbsticks to navigate the series’ immersive settings doesn’t mesh well with my slowly eroding finger joints. That said, cop one of these bad boys and hook up a pair of your best Bluetooth headphones and you’re in for a real treat. Sound design doesn’t get much better than BioShock.

If you’re into total chaos and want to give it a try when it comes to gaming, you should check out Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition, a looting adventure with tons of twists and turns. The graphics are amazing, and you’ll spend hours attempting to get to the next part of the wasteland while collecting scrap on the way. Available on PS4 and Xbox One for $30, it’s a great price to try out something new! Don’t forget you’ll also get a free next gen upgrade for each respective console, but you’ll have to have a disc drive. Just make sure to get a copy before they’re all gone!

I don’t know about you, but as a tangental Star Wars fan, I only made it through the first season of The Mandalorian because of Baby Yoda. Luckily, the masses have done us all a favor and gave us what we all need—a plush of our favorite character for a decent $18. You can cuddle with him when the new season drops in a few days. Thank me later.

If you’re looking for a great gift for an Animal Crossing fan my favorite Switch bag is 20% off right now. This beautifully constructed bag can be used as a wristlet or a shoulder bag. Heck, I’ve actually used this as a purse because it’s so cute. It fits both the Switch and Switch Lite and has 4 cards slot in the front pocket so you have options on the go. The quality of the bag really is tops and I was impressed by the high-quality canvas. The strong material protects both the inside and the outside of the bag and obviously the contents within. Your Switch is safe and sound from scratches and damage-causing bumps. The zipper moves smoothly and keeps all contents snuggly within.

It comes in 4 colors/patterns. There is a green, a pink, or a white/teal with the classic Nook leaves as an option. And a white color with colorful little bugs, fossils, and fruits on it too called “Island Pattern.”

This item has one-day shipping for Prime members and just clip the coupon for savings.

Dirt 5 (PC) | $50 | Eneba | Use code DIRTYNOV

Dirt 5 (PC) | $50 | Eneba | Use code DIRTYNOV
Screenshot: Codemasters

Dirt 5 is set to launch in just a couple of short days, but order through Eneba (PC-only) and you can save $10 on your purchase. You’ll only get the savings with discount code DIRTYNOV.

With over 70 tracks and a huge list of cars, Dirt 5 is positioned to be a dream game for rally racing fanatics. A star-studded campaign has you climbing the ladder to solidify your status as the offroading champion of the world, while an all new Playgrounds mode fosters creativity with user-created tracks and racing arenas.

Oh, did I mention this deal includes Amplified Edition content? Here’s what that includes:

  • Three days early access;
  • Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner by Deberti Design;
  • Ariel Nomad Tactical;
  • Audi TT Safari;
  • VW Beetle Rallycross;
  • Three exclusive player sponsors with fresh objectives, rewards and liveries;
  • Currency and XP earning boosts;
  • Access to all post launch content, including a minimum of 12 cars, 60 Career events, new player sponsors with fresh rewards and liveries, and more items for features yet to be revealed.

Eneba has the goods. Again, use promo code DIRTYNOV.

Whether you’re new to Kingdom Hearts or you’re interested in owning all the games at the best quality, the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package is a fantastic deal. It includes ten Kingdom Hearts experiences, including games and cinematic content, and Amazon has it for just $30 today, the lowest it’s ever been. Here’s everything you’ll get in the package:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearths Re: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:code (HD Remastered cinematics)
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep – a fragmentary passage
  • Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover (movie)
  • Kingdom Hearts III

I may be alone in this, but I’d buy it for Chain of Memories alone. That game was dope, and I don’t care who cares.

Launched a couple months back, the new LEGO Super Mario line delivered a unique twist to the building block template, letting you use a screen-and-sensor equipped Mario figure to play through interactive obstacle courses. And they made a whole bunch of different add-on sets to recreate familiar moments from the legendary games.

While the core, required starter set remains at the full price of $60, many of the larger expansions are currently 20% off, including the Guarded Fortress Expansion, Mario’s House and Yoshi Expansion, and Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for holiday gifts, now’s the time to strike.

Now that the cold months are here and the clocks have ticked over many of us are headed back indoors to our small social circles. If like me you have a handful of people you see regularly and have game nights this is a great one to add to the rotation. Obama Llama: The Celebrity Rhyming Party Game is 40% off and you only need 4 people to play.

This is a rhyming charade game. You’ll act out and/or mime celebrity rhymes to your team to help them figure out who the person/thing is. Each is timed and you rack up points by uncovering the rhyming pair cards. Now you will have to have a group of friends a bit in the know of pop culture from a few different decades. This is a game very heavy on media references and celebrity names. But this is sure for a night of fun with some clever friends. I can’t wait for you to act out a “Yeti eating spaghetti.”

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

Some essential cookware items are priced down right now at Macy’s to only $20, and you can get them for just $8 apiece after sending off mail-in rebates.

First up, with Thanksgiving only 11 days away, you know you’re going to need this Tools of the Trade nonstick roaster and rack for your turkey.

For any day of the year, this Sedona 7.5-quart covered wok seems like the perfect tool for cooking up stir-frys and other large dishes. You really can’t beat $8 for one like this (just don’t forget to send off the rebate form).

The same goes for this Sedona stainless steel 8-quart casserole stockpot.

You can get this 3-piece frying pan set or this stainless steel stockpot for only $8 as well.

To get your $12 back on these essential kitchen items in the form of a prepaid Mastercard, fill out the rebate form and send it off within 30 days to:


OFFER #_ _-_ _ _ _ _

PO BOX 540006

El Paso, TX 88554-0006

This deal appears to only be running through Sunday (Nov. 15), so don’t hold out! Besides, you’ll want these in time for Thanksgiving meal prep, right?

Meh has a deal on an air fryer oven that can do it all today. For just $79 ($103 at Amazon) you can air fry as well as dehydrate and rotisserie foods in this 11.6-quart device from GoWise.

The GoWISE air fryer oven with its rotisserie function seems like a great appliance to have on hand for Thanksgiving, which is coming up very soon. I know I personally would rather have a rotisserie chicken over turkey any day, but this would also be a great way to prepare some sides and save on valuable oven space.

This deal is only good for today, so don’t hold out if you want an air fryer oven for your kitchen.

There are certain items that can bring you peace of mind on the road— and lucky for you there are some great deals on some of these essential items that can help you feel prepared in a Tacklife holiday deal on Amazon today.

Of course, you know a car jump starter is the kind of thing that increases infinitely in value as soon as you need it. Maybe the best deal of the Tacklife Amazon Gold Box/Holiday Dash limited-time deal today is the TACKLIFE 2000A peak car jump starter for 43% off, bringing it down to $63. There are several other options for jump starters on a fantastic discount though if this is not quite a fit for your budget or automobile.

With the winter coming, I find that I need to inflate my tires more often in the cold weather months and I’d like to be prepared. This TACKLIFE X1 handheld tire inflator is both rechargeable and cordless, and can make this more frequent obligation happen more conveniently (and sanitarily) than using a gas station’s air pump. Plus, it’s only $35 today because of the special holiday deal. There are some even cheaper options as well. This TACKLIFE ACP1B 12V DC digital tire inflator is 51% off today ($24).

As I said, these deals are good for today only, so get them while you can!

This deal was originally published in November 2020 by Elizabeth Lanier and was updated with new information on 11/14/2020.

Macy’s is ringing in the season a little earlier this year, kicking things off with a sale on Bella small kitchen appliances bound to relieve your wallet of any unwanted stress in the holiday shopping months. Make waffles with your swamp-residing ogre friend in this stainless steel waffle iron for 55% off the list price, then save even more when you fill out the form under the Special Offers tab and mail it in to claim your rebate—fear not, Nathan for You fans, you won’t have to climb to the top of a mountain to secure this prize.

In fact, if you wanted, you could revamp your entire kitchen for just $48, assuming you’re game to send in a sextet of forms. Level up your breakfast game with a 10.5 x 20″ nonstick electric griddle, keep your bread nice and toasty with a four-slice stainless steel convection oven, improve your work-from-home lunches with an electric panini grill, drink your fruits and veggies with a 12-piece 13330 Rocket blender set, and whip up something quick for dinner with a 12″ round nonstick electric skillet. However casual your cooking, however tight your budget, Macy’s is bringing the heat with the kitchenware to beat.

If you’re a regular to Kinja Deals, you should know we’re big fans of Kyoku knives. They’re super-sharp and is a necessity for any aspiring home cook. This six-inch utility knife is made with Japanese, Damascus steel, and has an ergonomic handle. It’s only $65 with the promo code KYOKU63K added at checkout. Grab it before it’s gone.

With everything going on right now, you may want to invest in a good air purifier. You’re in luck—eBay has a refurbished Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link Air Purifier Fan for 51% off. You’ll get a dash of cool air while filtering out allergens and pollutants as small as .3 microns, which apparently is pretty damn small. This is a deal I’d get on if you can afford it. Whatcha waiting for?

Oh, the joys of owning a larger vehicle. Not only does it cost more for parking in just about every city I’ve ever been to, but the jump starters, too, come at a premium. On the bright side, they occasionally go on sale for 40% off, as is the case with the Gooloo jumper pictured here.

This 800A jump starter—which can breathe new life into your SUV, pickup truck, tractor, and even yacht—normally costs $50. Compared to the $80-$90 price tag on a lot of the 1500A models (the 800A Gooloo supports up to 8-liter gas and 6-liter diesel engines), that’s a steep luxury tax for owners of smaller wheels.

Net yourself a high-end jump starter for the entry-level cost of $30 by clipping the coupon featured here and entering the promo code ER2VZIBE at checkout. You’ll never have to worry about your truck or phone dying again, thanks to its built-in 20,800mAh power bank functionality.

At Home Depot you can score an 18V Ryobi cordless compact drill and driver for $30 cheaper than usual, bringing the final total to $99. If you already have Ryobi ONE+ tools, you can use any of the 18V batteries from them to back up the two you get in the box. This package doesn’t include bits and such, but those are 25% off, too.

Let’s say you spent the weekend reveling in the defeat of a bumbling authoritarian demagogue, lighting up the streets and perhaps going a little too hard with the adult beverages. You might feel the urge to take it easy for a night, treating yourself to an at-home spa day, keeping up the social distancing while releasing the tension in your shoulders and feet. Now 50% off at The Home Depot, the Titan Pro Series faux leather reclining massage chair has everything you need to relax this week before the fight for a more equal and environmentally conscious world rages on.

Complete with five remote-controlled massage programs, body scanning tech, and advanced compression massages functionality for your calves and feet, this chair would normally set you back a whopping $2,799. But, for a limited time, you can experience all the kneading, tapping, shiatsu, flapping, and knocking you want without the hassle and potential contagion of visiting a professional masseuse as COVID numbers spike yet again. Seeing as this is one of Home Depot’s Special Buy offers, it’s safe to assume it’ll only last a day or two at most. After all this working from home, your back deserves a break.

Get your fill of needed kitchenware before the holidays at Amazon. For a short time, you can grab tea kettles, grills, roasters, salt and pepper shakers, and so much more for 30% off their original list price. Why not become the chef you want to be? Grab em’ before they’re gone!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been getting through this socially-distant life on the power of caffeine and stubbornness, alone. Luckily for you, though, I’ve found a deal to get you to explore the world of coffee with a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club and $10 off your first bag! The price per shipment is about $4, so that’s super cheap. Featuring beans from Kenya, my home country of Brazil, and a number of other places around the world, you can have your caffeine fix and imagine yourself on vacation in paradise whenever the world gets a vaccine. Sounds peaceful. Take me there.

COVID-19 is still a threat. That’s why we hooked y’all up with 30% off newly designed N95 masks (CE Niosh-approved N95s!) using the exclusive promo code KINJA30 at MQ Direct. As we know, real, NIOSH CDC certified and approved N95 masks filter out 95% of air particles and are the most effective way to block out airborne pathogens. You can grab a 10-pack for $42, and a 20-pack for $82! Please stay safe out there—let’s not play politics with a novel coronavirus!

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher in September 2020 and updated by Elizabeth Lanier with new information on 11/14/2020.

N95MaskCo is offering an exclusive 15% off offer to all Kinja deal seekers right now on its N95 respirator cup mask collection using promo code KINJASAVE.

You can grab a 20-pack of these NIOSH-approved masks for $152 after applying the code or a 40-pack for $297. You can get a pack of 100 for $679 if you really want to stock up.

These masks feature a cup design for a tight but comfortable fit around your face, and are CDC-approved. You can check it out for yourself right here, where you will see manufacturer Xiantao Zhongyi listed next to approval #84A-787 for this model, the ZYB-11.

In my personal opinion, these are still a little pricey even after the discount— but I suppose it is nice to be sure that you are getting the real deal with these masks, each of which N95MaskCo says blocks “at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles.” Be sure to check out another Kinja exclusive deal that’s still running on MQDirect today which sees even lower prices on N95 masks, while still available.

ModCloth is starting their Black Friday deals today. For the rest of the month grab 30% off anything on the site and dig throw their throwback wears. You’ll also receive an extra 40% off of anything in the sale section. That discount is cutting original prices to 80% in some cases. Revamp your winter looks and save a nice chunk. No codes needed.

A great cardigan is key in the fall and winter. And a brilliant pop of color can really make it stand out. I’m all about fashion and function and that’s what this is. This long cardigan is made of cozy and warm polyester and comes in a gorgeous rich gold color. It’s only $18 in this deal.

A cute retro skirt in an autumn jewel tone is key. It’s effortlessly chic and can blend in with your current wardrobe. Add black tights and boots for a solid winter look. This cute A-line mini skirt is made of crepe fabric, has pockets, and looks straight from the 70s. This will be a groovy addition to your closet for just $24.

A solid pair of heeled boots are the perfect touch to any ensemble. These black boots go with anything and are a little bit vintage and a little bit witchy. Just because the supernatural season has passed doesn’t mean you can’t integrate those spooky vibes into any outfit. And the chunky heel is only 3 inches so no fear if you’re worried, these are comfy and stable. The Spoonful of Sugar boots are just $48 in this sale.

Free shipping on all orders over $49.

If your muscles are just as stressed as you are, grab a Taotronics massage gun. Down to $72 with promo code RELIEVE, you’ll have six gun attachments and twenty-speed modes to really get into the deep tissue of your legs, shoulders, and wherever else you’ve got a little tension.

Winter is here, just like the Starks said. A good way to prevent chapped lips is to get a lip balm that really works. From personal experience, Jack Black Lip Balm is the truth. It has a natural mint flavor that gives you a satisfying tingle when applied and will last for the majority of the day without having to re-apply. Plus, a three-pack is $22, which is on the more expensive side, but I promise you won’t use the other two for at LEAST a couple of months. Think of it as an investment against ashy lips.

Sometimes we need a refresher. Well, for a low $7 you can try Mario Badescu Face Spray. Made with aloe, herbs, and rosewater, it’s a great midday skincare pick-me-up, especially if your skin is on the dry side. It moisturizes your face while also cutting excess oil like a toner, and it’s super affordable. It honestly sells itself.

Just because it’s Friday the 13th in the weirdest year ever doesn’t mean today should be made worse. In fact, our pals at Ella Paradis want to slash prices and ensure there are no bad vibes. We really don’t need any more given everything so save up to 70% off select items. You’ll see the savings come off in your shopping cart so need for a code.

All the Better Love toys are great go-to’s if you’re a bit indecisive. I know I’ve mentioned the Rabbit Lily ($42) as a fave so obviously, I going to recommend it. It’s the perfect classic vibe and never lets me down.

Tenga has some pretty dope products, mostly for dudes. I’ve seen and handled a lot of them. The tech they use to design their toys is really impressive so I’m going to give their Spinner Stroker ($18) a shoutout. It comes in 3 varieties depending on tastes, although at this price you should experience all of them.

Free shipping on all orders. You will get a bonus mystery gift if you spend over $100 too.

JACHS NY makes some really beautiful and quality clothing so when a sale like this happens you take note. They are having a killer week of amazing cyber deals and right now you can grab these awesome Merino Wool Sweaters for just $39. That’s up to 78% off the original price and you don’t need a code. There are 13 styles and colors to pick from so you’re sure to find the right one for your taste. I’m partial to a henley and think it looks great on everyone. But no matter what you choose you’re getting a great deal to stay warm and cozy through the winter months.

Free shipping for orders over $100.

Ulta is one of the best places for beauty products and if you get a deal on top brands even better. Until Saturday take $10 off any purchase over $50 or take $20 off any order over $100.

Ulta has lots of exclusives and great items to pick from. I’m going to highlight one of my favorite K-Beauty bundles. The Vitamin To-Glow Pack is one I go back to a lot. As it’s about to get a bit chilly out there skin gets dry and lips get chapped. This set from I Dew Care handles all that and more. This kit has the Bright Side Up Brightening Vitamin C Serum, the Plush Party Buttery Vitamin C Lip Mask, and the Say You Dew Moisturizing Vitamin C Gel. That lip mask and moisturizing gel do wonders. I keep them on my nightstand just in case I’ve got dry patches or want my lips to be super smooth in the morning. I couldn’t recommend these more.

This deal ends November 14 and free shipping on orders over $35.

Looking dope never goes out of season so while we may be headed to spending more time indoors again Ray-Ban and Oakley want you to still be in fashion. Today take 50% off select sunglasses from each company known for some very cool eyewear.

Oakleys are well constructed and built to last. There’s a reason a ton of extreme athletes choose this brand. The Holbrooks are one of the company’s best selling designs and have just the right amount of vintage and modern.

All these have free shipping for Prime members.

Moisturize your lips while getting a holographic shine with Huda Beauty Silk Hydrating Lip Balm. Only $21, it has soybean and licorice extracts to really give you a non-sticky sheen and hyaluronic acid to keep your lips from cracking when exposed to the dry air of fall and winter. What are you waiting for?

Ella Paradis has put together a wonderful bundle to celebrate Singles Day. These 3 different vibrators fit a variety of needs for a good self-love session. This set is valued at $232 but can be yours for just $59. That’s a dang good deal.

2020 has been stressful and things don’t look to be letting up but the one thing you can do is take time to look after yourself. Your next sexy solo time just got kicked up a notch with this triple threat bundle. You’ll get the G-Spot Hero, which is a great appetizer to any and all sexy time. It’s one I personally enjoy. The Better Touch Vibe is a great external toy and has a ton of power for its size. Ok, so that’s something for the outside and something for the inside. How about something for around the corner. The Booty Pop Vibrator is just that. This is a great beginner toy if you want to explore the backyard and aren’t sure. Better to dip your toe in and play around before going full throttle. All these are made by Better Love and do just that.

This bundle will ship for free.

Illustration for article titled Saturdays Best Deals: Insignia 32 Fire TV, Tacklife Jump Starters and Tire Inflators, iAssassins Creed Valhalla/i and iCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, /iMacys Cookware, GoWise Air Fryer, N95 Masks, and More

Image: Sunday Scaries

I’ve been taking Sunday Scaries CBD on the reg for several months now, and I have to say, of all their offerings, Unicorn Jerky is my favorite. On top of putting a smile on my face every time I see the packaging, it tastes pretty great and doesn’t take long to get the chill vibes flowing. Flavor-wise, it reminds me of Sour Punch Straws, only without the sour, if that makes sense. Sugary and sweet without overwhelming your palette, Unicorn Jerky is the way to go if you prefer your cannabinoids delicious. The only downside is you’ll want to eat more than one. For a limited time only, try it out for yourself at a 20% discount on us, using the promo code UJSUPPORT20.

In addition to stimulating your tastebuds, you can’t talk about Sunday Scaries’ Unicorn Jerky without mentioning its contributions to The Trevor Project, a non-profit committed to crisis intervention and suicide prevention for at-risk LGBTQ youth. As a bisexual person myself, this is one charity organization I can get behind. For pack of the bright and colorful full spectrum CBD-infused edible you buy, Sunday Scaries donates a dollar to the cause. While that might not sound like much, a little bit goes a long way, especially with savings this deep. Because the coupon is automatically applied at checkout, you don’t even have to remember it to check out and take advantage of our exclusive deal. Chow down, relax, and feel good doing it while supplies last.

Grab Fenty Beauty Holo Daze Mini Gloss Bomb Collection for a low $36 at Fenty Beauty. You’ll be able to adorn your lips with four moisturizing lip colors that’ll really top off your makeup look. The best part is your lips won’t even get sticky, which is 100 percent the reason everyone hates lip gloss. Trust in Rihanna and buy the damn makeup!

Massage guns are quickly becoming a favorite of those whose spa trips took a sudden halt during the pandemic. These things vibrate with high intensity to beat any muscle in your body into submission. Hyperice is like the Rolls Royce of that world, and Best Buy is giving you a chance to sneak one into your holiday budget with a $120 discount. It ships with four different attachment heads and works up to three hours on a single charge.

Give your lips a dash of color with a limited edition, Yves Saint Laurent Mini Rouge Couture Lipstick Set. It’s $50 and can be a great gift for the makeup-obsessed person in your life. You’ll receive four different shades to fit your fancy in a satin finish, which is just as classic as the brand YSL.

I only lived on the east coast for about six months, and none of it was in the winter, so I can’t really relate to needing layers in the winter, but I do know what it’s like to be in Boston in February without any layers. I’d never make that mistake again, and neither should you, so if you’re living somewhere chilly, it’s good to bundle up. Right now, JACHS NY is giving Kinja readers 65% off select layering essentials using the promo code KINJA65.

If you’re in need of a solid jacket, the Khaki Stretch Corduroy Sherpa Jacket should keep you nice and cozy, and that code will bring the price down from $145 to about $50. You could also get the Red Buffalo Plaid Wool jacket for $70 if you’re leaning into the lumberjack look with your quarantine beard. For something a little more snug, the Blue Cable Knit Crewneck Sweater is down to $45. If you really need to stay warm, the Blue and Grey Sherpa Lined Parka is down to a little over $60. I’m partial to this Cream Aztec Wool Blend Shirt, though, which is down to $70.

KN95 Masks 20-Pack | $48 | N95MaskCo | Promo code KINJA20

KN95 Masks 20-Pack | $48 | N95MaskCo | Promo code KINJA20
Image: Elizabeth Lanier

With the ongoing virus, it’s a good idea to keep masks on hand so you never have to go without. Lucky for you, we’ve got an exclusive deal to help you stock up on KN95 face masks today.

These already discounted KN95 masks from N95MaskCo are even cheaper with our exclusive promo code, KINJA20, applied at checkout. That means you can get a 20-pack for $48 or a 50-pack for $104.

These masks come in packs up to 5,000 if you need that many masks for some reason. A pack of 100 seems like a good option for most households and you can get that for $159 right now.

Mask up and enjoy this exclusive deal while it lasts!

Listen up, agent: like anything its size, the James Bond collection is like a junkyard. There’s a side that you just have no business venturing into, but if you can wade through the rusty crap, there’s a lot of value to be found. There are 24 films from the series all packed into one massive collection, and Amazon has the Blu-Ray collection for just $67. It’s actually a $66.66 pre-tax total after clipping the $13.33 coupon a Amazon. Talk about numerology.

With the recent passing of Sean Connery, you might want to begin with classics like From Russia With Love and Goldfinger. Then there’s GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale—I could go on and on and on and on and on about some of the best Bond films, but you’re just going to have to watch them all yourself to figure out your own perfect cocktail (shaken, not stirred).

Otakus will have you know that Akira is to manga what the Mona Lisa is to art, and you can catch up for $50 off at Amazon. The $150 total nets you six hardcover books, an Akira Club hardcover artbook with glossy pages, and an iron-on version of Kaneda’s iconic pill patch. Too bad there aren’t many Comic-Cons going on.

The price seems to steadily be dropping so who knows—it might be lower by the time you read this. Or it might be sold out! So don’t delay locking in a good price for this massive collection.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed more than this second stimulus check we’re supposedly getting. Thankfully, you can still bury your head deep in Cyberpunk lore with The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition. This hardcover book is down to $49 (clip coupon) and includes 192 pages of information about Night City and all its inhabitants.

Step into a dark future where violence, oppression, and cyberware implants aren’t just common—they’re necessary tools to get ahead. Explore the various districts, gangs, and history of Night City. Learn all there is to know about the technology of tomorrow and research the cybernetics, weapons, and vehicles of Cyberpunk 2077.

Here’s what you’ll find with the Deluxe Edition alongside the book:

  • An exclusive Night City map cover.
  • A slipcase featuring Night City graffiti.
  • Temporary Tattoos: show your alignment with any of Night City’s varied, colorful gangs.
  • Johnny Silverhand Poster: a memorial to the gone-but-not-forgotten superstar, Johnny Silverhand.
  • Vehicle Postcards: Four postcards that each showcase a vehicle from one of Night City’s diverse and unique lifestyles.

Find it at Amazon, and if you don’t need all the extras, the standard hardcover alone is also 16% off at $34. don’t forget you can still pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 for $50 and have it the day the game launches!




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For those still mad that they have to buy their own USB-C charger since Apple decided they were going to “save the earth” as a multi-billion corporation (eye-roll), you can save some money and grab an Anker 18W USB-C charger bundle. It’s $25 and includes the charger and a 3ft lightning-to-USB-C power cable. Grab it before it’s gone. I might, too.

Anyone who’s ever suffered through Final Fantasy XV or Fallout 4‘s extensive loading screens knows the pain of sporting a spinning hard drive, or even a PCIe SSD, in 2020. Samsung and others have, in part, solved for this dilemma with NVMe M.2 drives. While these storage devices don’t necessarily fix poor game optimization, they can speed up load screens for the games they hold. The Samsung 970 EVO Plus in particular checks all the boxes on review sites as one of the best SSDs you can buy. With 1TB of storage, this model is $50 off as part of Adorama’s early Cyber Monday deals.

For $50 less than that, you can also buy the 500GB version at a decent 17% discount right now. Take it from me, a guy who owns a computer, that an NVMe is a real game-changer for game players. Endure the oft-loathed load screen at a pace that rivals the latest PS5 and Xbox Series S|X consoles and experience next-gen without forking over the cash for a whole new system.

If you’re quarantining away from home, or just need to keep a close eye on your apartment while you’re out and about, a good security system can help give you the peace of mind that everything’s safe and sound. That extra security isn’t cheap, though; an Arlo security system can run over $400. Now and then, though, a good deal comes by and you can get a few lenses to watch over your humble abode for a decent price. Right now, Newegg has an Arlo Pro 2 security system, which comes with one camera, for $90.

Got a new phone? Well, grab a Belkin 15W Wireless Charger for a low $32, which is 20% off the original list price. It’s 15W and can charge your Andriod and Apple devices easily. There’s not much else to say, grab it before its gone!

For all the folks who really love pink gaming gear, you’ve come to the right place. The Aukey Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is on Amazon for a low $40 and includes 108 customizable RGB keys for your enjoyment. I actually have this keyboard, and it’s solid, so it won’t move around too much if you get excited during a gaming sesh. What are you waiting for? Grab this bad girl and make sure to type in XW3AK636 at checkout! And while you’re at it, grab an extra-large RGB mouse pad for $17 with promo code 66CSOJOE!

Ignacia’s BBQ ribs made me regret not making a Ninja Foodi my air fryer of choice. I love my Corsori smart fryer, but don’t make that mistake. The Ninja Foodi has grilling, air frying, roasting, baking, and dehydrating functions packed into one sleek unit. Best Buy offering one for your kitchen at a nice $190 price.

This is the smaller 4-quart model, which doesn’t have quite as many functions as Ignacia’s—it’s missing slow and pressure cooking—but for simpler needs, this’ll get you by just fine.

If you don’t mind buying refurbished, MorningSave is letting go of a two-piece combo featuring a recertified Ring Video Doorbell Pro for a low $129. See who’s knocking in a pinch and interact with your visitors without ever having to approach the door, which is just fantastic in these increasingly anarchistic times. Your purchase includes 30-day access to cloud recordings and you’re covered by a 1 year standard Ring warranty.

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