Running Out Of Space? Find The Best Family SUV For You

There comes a special time in your car-life when you need to upgrade, rather than simply want to. You don’t just want something a bit newer or a bit flashier, you need something larger to accommodate a growing family.

One piece of advice – don’t just dive into the manufacturer websites and start clicking through. There are a few things you need to do beforehand. The first of which is to do a Parkers car valuation to find out how much your current car is worth.

Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll know how much cash you have to play with in order to buy/pcp/lease your next family SUV.

Last of all, make a note of things the car needs to have. Whether that’s seven-seats or Apple CarPlay, ensure to write this down and make sure the cars you look at have it. Don’t get wowed by other features or finance offers and then realise it’s lacking the basic needs.

All good? Good. Below we’ve highlighted our three favourite family SUVs.

Range Rover

We may as well kick things off with what is simply the best SUV of them all. Sure, the Range Rover is a massively opulent status symbol first and foremost. But look past the sumptuous interior and clever tech and you’ll find a really good family car.

First up, it’s massive. Four adults will sit very comfortably and there are two isofix mounts for child seats in the outer seats in the rear.

The boot holds 900 litres worth of stuff (or 2,373 with the rear seats down) and there’s also a fold down tailgate, perfect for impromptu picnics or for sitting on and taking off mucky wellies.

Skoda Kodiaq 

Okay we admit, a Range Rover is lovely, but a Skoda Kodiaq is more realistic for most people. The big seven-seat Skoda is well-suited to modern family life and is a hugely popular car among UK motorists.

Even with seven seats fully erect, there’s a decent sized boot (not every seven-seater can say that) plus the Kodiaq has three Isofix points in the middle row.

There are loads of engine options too. Diesel might not be fashionable, but the torque (pulling power) really suits the Skoda, especially if you regularly travel seven up.

Ford Puma

Bear with us on this one. The Ford Puma isn’t all that big, but it is a brilliant small family SUV. If you’re in the market for your first SUV after having your first child, the Puma should be at the top of your shopping list.

Parkers thinks so highly of it, they rated it their 2021 car of the year. The things to write home about include a range of mild-hybrid engines, a simple and ergonomic interior, and a boot that has a storage compartment called a megabox.

Best of all, the Puma is the best small SUV to drive of the lot. It clings on well in corners and it’s far more fun than it needs to be.

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