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Pros and cons of betting on tennis while being on the go

If you are tired of wagering on football, there is another sport that definitely deserves a lot of attention, and that’s tennis. Whether you are a casual fan or always support your favorite player, you will find loads of unique markets, as well as some of the most impressive odds.

People who want to bet on this have to choose an online bookie that will provide them with a lot of opportunities to enjoy their hobby. This shouldn’t be that hard because almost every brand pays extra attention to tennis. Besides markets and odds, some gambling operators also have a dedicated mobile app, which makes them a bit more special than others.

If you get the chance to download and install your preferred app for Android and iOS, you will see that it will allow you to wager on pretty much any sport, including tennis. Betting on the go has many advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes down to tennis, so let’s check some of the things you should know.


The first and probably the biggest advantage of betting on the go is that you can punt on any tennis event whenever you want to. As you probably know, this is one of the sports with the most impressive array of live betting markets. Tennis is a dynamic sport, which means that you need to pay attention to the different options because they may not be available for long.

Of course, you can do that even while using a computer, but this means that you have to stay at home or bring your laptop wherever you go. Luckily, you can avoid this problem simply by downloading and installing the Netbet app for Android and iOS. This will give you the option to punt on live events and take advantage of every betting market on your smartphone.

Besides the markets, mobile betting is also great for those who want to use different features. Some online bookies give their mobile customers the chance to avail themselves of special options that are not available on any other betting platform. Consequently, mobile users who like tennis may have an even better overall experience than their desktop counterparts.


While it is true that the pros outweigh the cons, there are some things that should be noted. Perhaps the most important one is that you need a lot of mobile data to have a fully-fledged mobile betting experience. Even though the mobile app of Netbet is great, the only way to take full advantage of the things it offers is to have constant access to the internet. This probably won’t be that big of an issue in most countries, but there are some places where you may have difficulties.

Another disadvantage that tennis fans may have to overcome is related to the available markets. Sadly, not every online bookie gives its mobile users access to its full selection of options, which should be noted.

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