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Best quality poker chip set brands

Right now, poker is being one of the favourite games for all the people out there. We all know while engaging in poker, it is also important to get the best equipment available for the same. During poker, a poker chip set is important. These are easily attainable and easy to use as well. But when you are shopping it is important to look at the important factors for the same.

Important factors to look at when shopping for poker chips

How many poker chips you need:

At the very first, understand the requirement of poker chips. 36-50 chips are enough for a small Home game, whereas when you are engaging in a big one, you need to go for 300 to 500 chipset. It sufficiently covers 6 to 10 players without any problem. Also, it is a better way to round up and have more than you think because you never know when people get interested in the same and wish to be a part of the same game you are engaging in.


Denominations are also important to know. The set comes with the marked dollar amount, and some have no currency attached. It is totally dependent on the skill you have. Therefore always choose the marked chips so that there will be no mistake in amount. Also, if you are choosing the unmarked ones, these allow you to set it whatever you want. It is totally on the player which one they want to choose. But if you are a newcomer, always get well versed with the terms and other aspects because this can be confusing.

Some common terms to know about chipset:

When you are placing an order for a chipset, it is also integral to know about some common terms. These are:-

Casino quality:

Casino equality is among the common term you will hear. It doesn’t indicate the type of chip, but it is a general catch for all the higher quality and something having the weight and feel of a real chip. This is usually used by the biggest casino.

China clay:

China clay has no metal slug, which makes it a little lighter. You will find out them at the more authentic casino pieces.


Flashing refers to etching around the edges, and it provides the chip with some traction. Honestly, it is fun when you have it. The chips have smooth edges but are not be chipped off parts of chips.


Plastic indicates the two varieties of metal slug weighted chips and the 100% plastic very light chips. There is a bunch of chips which is required for little money, and there is a long way to go for the same. These are pretty durable and but are known to lose the flatness over time to check out whether you are having is the best choice to consider or not.

Here we have discussed the best quality poker chip set, and also, it is totally on you which brand you wish to prefer. Always lookout for the best one and then place your order for having interesting gameplay.

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