Vice President Kamala Harris Maybe Just the Right Choice After George Floyd’s Brutal Death

Kamala Harris being elected as the Vice President of the United States of America comes just when the entire nation of the United States is still sore with the killing of George Floyd while he was in police custody.

Some say that Kamala Harris’ Vice President is a befitting reply to the custodial death of Floyd, who died because of the rampant racism in the States. There is no doubt that Kamala Harris has made history by being elected as the first woman Vice President of America. But there is so much more to the entire affair besides just that.

The biggest win that we could take from this historic election is that of representation. Kamala Harris is not just the first woman to have assumed the office of the Vice President. She is also the first woman of color to have risen to this stature.

It could be said, in a nutshell, that this is not only a turning point in the history of the U.S. but also the perfect legacy for George Floyd. Let us now move on to examine the topic at greater details and depths.

Systemic Racism, The United States and How Representation Matters:

The minute we heard of the brutal killing of George Floyd, we found ourselves asking just one question. Has anything really changed? The short answer to this would be a resounding No!

It might look like the world has progressed and broken the shackles of racism. But the incident with George Floyd is just a horrific reminder to the systemic racism that is still alive and kicking.

In Western European countries, that have a White Settler past, racism has always been rampant. One might think that this is no longer true in the 21st century. One might think that with the advancement in science and technology, racism has also been put to rest. But there cannot be anything further from this truth.

One need not go far to find proof of the aforementioned argument. The horrific incidents of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many others ricochet off the landscape of America and remind us of racism that is still larger than life.

A series of protests led by people of different age groups swept the landscape of America in the wake of the incident. From celebrities to lawyers of this site, people across different industries took to streets to demand justice and bring the police responsible for the death of Floyd, to book.

The incident sent shockwaves not only across America, but throughout the globe. It pushed us to think about all the systemic racism and injustices that take place in our backyards. People took to streets and raised their voice demanding an urgent end to this police violence.

Vice President Kamala Harris Maybe Just the Right Choice After George Floyd

How the Decision to Choose Kamala Harris as the Running Mate Coincided with the Narrative of George Floyd:

For days after Floyd was murdered, America stated examining the evil of racism in various shapes and forms. America started reexamining how issues of racism were addresses. It started talking about how more than one time, a black man, woman and every gender on the spectrum has been gunned down by the police.

The way the entire planet spoke about racism changed overnight. Therefore, the decision to choose a woman of color as the running mate, which was made way before this reckoning with racism, started making all the more sense. The narratives juxtaposed and Kamala Harris, finally being elected as the Vice President of the United States of America was nothing short of a tribute to Floyd’s murder at the hands of the same nation’s police.

It is known for a fact that as Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee, he had a number of women of color on his mind as his running mate. Biden’s campaign also started considering several Black women candidates.

Though the process of choosing his running mate began much before George Floyd’s murder, the election of Kamala Harris gave the narrative of Floyd more traction and strength. Kamala Harris, a woman of color, rose to the power of the Vice President when the time was just right.

Wrapping Up:

There has been a lack of representation in the political spheres of America for a long time now. However, this is the time to change. And Kamala Harris being the first woman of color to be elected as the Vice President carves a new road in the history of America.

The black community cannot be ignored and no longer be forgotten. The police atrocities shall be remembered! It is perhaps time for America to look for more representation in the political spheres, as much as in media.

Kamala Harris, a woman of color, becoming the Vice President of the U.S., is a reminder to that.

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