Trump’s Own Lawyer Mocked His Lack of Wealth

Insiders have long known that Trump was nowhere near as wealthy as he claimed. Indeed, during the last Obama White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Obama compared Mike Bloomberg to Trump and said it wasn’t fair. Mike was a big city mayor, knew policy in and out, “and is actually worth the amount of money he says he is.” Trump’s true wealth was a secret then and, apparently, it isn’t a secret now, at least to Trump’s attorneys, who mocked Trump’s lack of wealth.

In an email put forth by the January 6th Committee (And probably not an accident that they used this email as an example), the House Select Committee seeks to overcome Trump lawyer John Eastman’s claim to attorney-client work product. The Committee put forward this email as an example of many that clearly aren’t attorney-client work product. Among the other examples given was the exchange — between Eastman and fellow attorneys Kenneth Chesebro and Bruce Marks. As gathered by Mediaite, the abbreviations make almost no sense but are in the original:

CHESEBRO: Am at Trump Internat ona n NYC, so I’m fee ng extra nsp red to work on the Pres dent’s cases!!

MARKS: A shame you are not in DC and could contribute to violation of the

emoluments clause. (smmiley-face emoji)

CHESEBRO: I m stay ng at Trump Int n DC from Jan 3 to at east the 8th. Do ng my part to curry favor w th the Pres dent by n ng h s (empty) pockets.

Right. Not much chance that the Committee just randomly picked that example out. Nice little wink there. The Committee wrote:

“Congressional Defendants therefore ask that the Court review these documents in camera to determine the validity of Dr. Eastman’s privilege assertions and the applicability of the limitations and exceptions considered in this Court’s prior orders, including waiver, compelling need, and crime-fraud,”

So, while the Committee is attempting to get under Trump’s skin with their choice of an example, the little wink, the State of New York A.G.’s office is currently lining up their sledgehammer to prove that Trump is nowhere near as wealthy as he claimed… for banking and loan purposes, while Trump then repressed valuations for tax purposes. Trump’s attorneys seem to know Trump’s problem, at least with cash flow, and mocked his “poverty.”

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