The Big Trump Protest is a Bust with More Reporters Than Trump Supporters

Donald Trump’s big protest is a bust, with more reporters attending than supporters, by “probably 5:1,” according to NBC News’ senior reporter Ben Collins.

“I’m at the pro-Trump protest put on by the NY Young Republicans Club. Not a joke, there are more reporters here than Trump supporters,” Ben Collins tweeted, adding, “This was supposed to be the big one.”

Collins continued, “It’s just a bunch of cameras taking picture of a guy who is putting on a rat suit next to a guitar with the words Hang Fauci on it. This was supposed to start a half hour ago.”

“The ratio of press to actual protesters at this pro-Trump rally in New York is probably 5:1. Maybe more than that.”

Oh, boy. How the mighty have fallen.

Multiple sources are corroborating the growing sense that Trump supporters aren’t as keen to follow the former president’s instruction to “protest” if he is indicted. Trump supporters demonstrate growing paranoia and resentment, fearing a “trap” and noting that they are still paying for the last time.

The AP reported Trump’s call for protests has “generated mostly muted reactions from supporters, with even some of his most ardent loyalists dismissing the idea as a waste of time or a law enforcement trap.”

With around 1,000 1/6 attackers arrested, following Trump’s orders into battle is costly for his followers. Meanwhile, Trump seems unscathed by it. After all, he is currently the forerunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Both January 6th rally planner Ali Alexander and Big Lie amplifier Alex Jones are not getting involved, according to Alexander, who noted, “No billionaire is covering our bills.”

“They had to deplatform me to jail hundreds of January Sixers… I lost everything within hours,” Ali shared on his recently restored Twitter account.

Although Ali also tweeted, “We need another January 6th and only the good parts.”

“Despite Trump demanding his followers protest, it’s clear after spending time on Facebook, Truth Social, The Donald forum, and Telegram that even his most die-hard supporters think Trump’s leading them astray after Jan 6,” reporter Zachary Petrizzo noted.

“Absolutely right. The amount of paranoia is also hard to overstate. Lots of folks feeling betrayed and worried about getting ‘set up’ by someone,” researcher John Scott-Railton

Speaking of that paranoia, “‘This is a false flag operation’ – An emerging theme is that Trump has already been arrested and that the Federal Government is sending messages from his social media accounts in order to incite violence and arrest Trump supporters,” the George Washington Initiative, which has been monitoring emerging online narratives spreading disinformation and misinformation, shared after Trump’s call to action.

Trump supporters are trying to get others to pull their money from the banks and cause a financial collapse instead: “’Pull your money from Banks’ – There is an emerging movement from supporters that if the former President is arrested, his supporters should pull their money in organized bank runs to cause a financial collapse and hurt the ‘globalists’ who are arresting Trump.”

The “J6 Families” took an unreliable Twitter poll and it didn’t go well for Trump:

Jason Easley pointed out, “The 1/6 arrests and prosecutions did have an impact. It seems that many Trump supporters got the message that they can’t run wild and do whatever they please.”

If they don’t go, they will miss possibly the last great Trump protest… at In-and-Burger, which would at least bear a delicious burger as fruit for their labor:

Tick Tock.

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