Russian Asset Ron Johnson Tries To Blame Hunter Biden For COVID

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) falsely claimed that COVID is a Chinese military weapon and the Biden is doing anything about it because of Hunter Biden.


Johnson started off by agreeing with Maria Bartiromo’s false claim that the coronavirus is a Chinese military weapon, “First let me tell you, does that shock anybody? It certainly doesn’t shock me? When you see militarization of the South China Sea. We should have been concerned. Anthony Fauci continues today to fund research and cooperate with the Wuhan lab, he had know full well that the Wuhan lab, any organization in China is connected to the communist party of China as well as the People’s Liberation Army. So what were we doing cooperating with China? I agree with Senator Paul, these are some serious questions and we need some answers but, again, I’ve been trying to get answers out of federal agencies for years and I’m not holding my breath.

Johnson then went to appear to connect the lack of federal action on conspiracy theories to Hunter Biden, “Well, I’m highly concerned. That is the issue. It’s one of the reasons that Senator Grassley issued the report before the elections so the American people can understand the foreign financial entanglements of the hunter Biden and the Biden family and how that might affect U.S. Foreign policy. The counterintelligence threats, extortion threats, we have no idea, none whatsoever. Again, we’ve written and trying to get information out of agencies but the media completely dismissed our report and said there was nothing in there. There was information in there. That’s part of the problem. We do not have an unbiased media. We don’t have journalists anymore. For the most part, we have advocates and extreme left-wing of the American political spectrum and hurting the country, it’s very dangerous.”

It is the media’s fault that the nonsensical Hunter Biden conspiracies are not being pushed in the mainstream press. The reason why the Hunter Biden nonsense is not being talked about is that the press already looked at and debunked the Republican conspiracy theories.

The coronavirus is not a Chinese military weapon, but Ron Johnson has been labeled a Russian asset, and he is floating some of the Kremlin’s favorite conspiracy theories to try to hurt Joe Biden and keep Americans from getting vaccinated.

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