Representative Eric Swalwell Declares Trump “Truth’s Worst Enemy,” Says Biden Won Last Night’s Debate

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) declared President Donald Trump “truth’s worst enemy” in an op-ed for Fox News. He declared the president’s rival, Democrat Joe Biden, the winner of last night’s presidential debate.

“Tuesday night’s presidential debate was a resounding win for former Vice President Joe Biden and everyday Americans. The Democratic presidential nominee cut through the noise and spoke directly to the American people about his vision and his plans to contain COVID-19, bring our nation together, and build our economy back better,” Swalwell wrote. “Meanwhile, President Trump again proved to be his own — and the truth’s — worst enemy.”

Swalwell praised Biden for his responses to questions about the economy, energy, the Supreme Court, health care and the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to heal the nation’s racial divide. He criticized Trump for not presenting a cohesive health plan and for not having a proper response to the pandemic.

The former vice president’s public-health plan ensures widespread free testing, prompt and safe vaccine development and distribution, and the supplies, resources, personnel and facilities that our states and communities need. And Biden’s economic relief plan offers real, consistent help for workers, families, and small businesses,” Swalwell wrote. “From Trump’s tax scam to his paltry pandemic response, the president’s economy has benefited our society’s top floor: the richest people, the big corporations, the gated communities and private golf clubs from whence he comes.”

On the matter of the pandemic, Swalwell is quite firm: “Trump admitted in a recorded conversation with journalist Bob Woodward to downplaying COVID-19’s threat. He clearly did so he could play politics (and golf). More than 200,000 Americans have died — that’s a relative, friend or neighbor gone every 80 seconds since February — with many more to come. Trump failed to set up adequate supply chains for personal protective equipment and other resources to fight the pandemic, failed to let science guide our response and public information, and failed to support Americans who lost jobs and businesses. Now he has the gall to say, ‘We’ve done a great job.’”

The conflict we see now — including peaceful protesters tear-gassed near the White House — is Trump’s America, happening on his watch and fueled by his dog-whistle words and actions bolstering white supremacy,” he observes, pointing to Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy on the air. “And Joe Biden showed Tuesday night that he understands and honors democracy, the lifeblood of his whole career. He knows American elections must be decided only by Americans, with access to the ballot box for every eligible citizen everywhere… This debate showed us the differences between a seasoned statesman ready to lead and a feckless con man desperate to keep his marks on the hook.”

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