Rachel Maddow Says America Is In A Constant State Of Crisis Under Trump

Under Donald Trump, the American people seem to be living in a constant state of crisis – and it just keeps getting worse by the day.

As Rachel Maddow pointed out on Thursday, not only are we living through a pandemic that is again raging across the country, but we are led by a president who refuses to confront the virus or even acknowledge its existence.

Meanwhile, as Trump downplays the pandemic with no treatment or vaccine in sight, American hospitals are under attack from Russian criminal hackers.

“Just in case that’s not enough, now we have Russian criminal hackers … freezing the computer systems at our hospitals in the middle of it,” the MSNBC host said.

It’s one crisis after another, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.


Maddow said:

So just in case having the worst and worst managed epidemic on Earth wasn’t enough, with a national government that’s pretending it’s not happening. It was something on the order of 47 states getting worse right now with 229,000 of us dead already and 9 million of us infected as of tonight and no cure and no treatment in sight, and no vaccine and a president who mocks and undermines efforts to fight it and slow its spread. Just in case that’s not enough, now we have Russian criminal hackers from Moscow and Saint Petersburg freezing the computer systems at our hospitals in the middle of it. Demanding money, or else.

America is more vulnerable than ever under Donald Trump

To be sure, Donald Trump isn’t the first American president to have a major crisis hit his desk, and he won’t be the last.

But no president has bungled a crisis as badly as he has over the course of this year.

Trump’s incompetence didn’t just allow the uncontrolled spread of a deadly virus, but it also led to an economic crash that has resulted in millions of jobless Americans.

Now, as Rachel Maddow suggested on Thursday night, American adversaries seem to recognize that the U.S. is as vulnerable as ever – and they’re seizing the opportunity to kick us while we’re down by targeting hospitals.

Donald Trump has no business being president, even in the best of times. But over the course of a disastrous 2020, the American people are experiencing just how dangerously unfit he is when a crisis hits his desk.

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