Rachel Maddow Obliterates The Republican Hypocrisy Over Biden SCOTUS Pledge

Rachel Maddow exposed the great SOTUS pledge while supporting Reagan doing the same thing.hypocrisy of Republicans who are complaining about Biden’s SC

Video of Maddow:

Maddow said:

That was at the RNC in the summer of 1980, then, in October of that year, a month before the election, he made it official, and he made that public pledge that he would choose a woman Supreme Court justice if he was elected. There had never been one before. And he went on to nominate the first female justice, Sandra Day O’Connor.

In this past presidential election, candidate Joe Biden made a pledge of his own. Just as there had never been a woman on the Supreme Court before Ronald Reagan promised it and then made it happen, there has also, to this day, never been a black woman Supreme Court justice. Joe Biden promised in the campaign this past year that he would make that happen. Today, upon the retirement of longtime Justice Stephen Breyer, that pledge from Joe Biden’s operative. 


The White House is reminded of it today since president Biden plans to stick to that pledge. And yes, conservatives are going crazy about it. Pretending there’s absolutely no precedent for this, this is an outrageous thing that Joe Biden promised to do like Ronald Reagan did not exist. Ronald who? It is also worth knowing, though, that when Joe Biden made this pledge during the campaign, a pledge that he is now going to live by and that will make — well shape history — until we got a new nominee on the court. When Joe Biden made this pledge, which we are now going to live by, it was a really consequential thing when he did it. It had a huge political impact when he did it.

Republicans don’t know their own party history or the history of their former pre-Trump saint Ronald Reagan.

Anytime you hear a Republican complaining about Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee pledge, keep in mind that Ronald Reagan did the same thing.

Republicans are hypocrites and Rachel Maddow exposed them.

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