Opinion: Pure Unadulterated Evil Drives the GOP Opposition to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Throughout this nation’s history the concept of inoculating Americans against disease has existed as an important means of preserving life. Now, though, there is a well-organized Republican crusade to dissuade the American people from being vaccinated and it leads even semi-intelligent people to wonder if a political party seriously wants the population to suffer through another year of preventable mass death.

 Last weekend Dr, Anthony Fauci told CNN’s Jake Tapper:

I don’t have a really good reason why this [unwillingness to get vaccinated] is happening.”

 Dr. Fauci must be aware there has always been a fringe cult of Americans who are opposed to vaccinations despite the risk to their loved ones.

The most recent “anti-vaxxer” movement took off when an ex-playboy bunny discovered she could use her young son to gain notoriety and attention. Jenny McCarthy was successful and some diseases that were once thought to have been eradicated are making a comeback among a relatively small segment of anti-science malcontents.  No doubt Dr. Fauci was not referring to that anti-vaxxer cult.

 However, the good doctor does have a point about a new and significant number of Americans providing him with “a really good reason” for not getting vaccinated against a highly contagious virus that has already claimed over 607 thousand American lives. Dr. Fauci is perplexed because  the current crop of anti-vaxxers are devoted to demigod dirty Don Trump who already allowed COVID-19 to ravage the nation due to his give-a-crap attitude borne of wanting to win an election.

There are plenty of possible reasons mainly Trump supporters and religious right cultists oppose getting vaccinated against a virulent and deadly disease, and it is almost certainly not because they all have a death wish or want their loved ones to suffer or perish unnecessarily.

One possible reason has to be because no small number of Republicans, and it is primarily Trump-supporting Republicans who oppose being vaccinated, are as averse to anything related to science as they are wholly opposed to American democracy.

Just as apparent is the sad truth that many of those opposed to being vaccinated automatically oppose anything a democrat in the White House is promoting; even if it is to save their pathetic lives. Chief among the people most resistant to what is most certainly a lifesaving treatment are members of the religious right cult as devoted to their so-called “anointed one” Trump as they are opposed to the basic teachings of their  savior Jesus Christ.

Of course it could just be that those opposed to being vaccinated are really are willing to forfeit their and their families’ lives because they are too stupid to realize they are being manipulated by evil Republicans hungry for more political power and the wealth that results from it.

The truth is that Dr. Fauci should have said he doesn’t really have a good reason why Republicans in the United States Congress, in state legislatures and governor’s mansions, and conservative media types are driving their devotees’ hostility to vaccinations. But even Dr. Fauci likely knows what motivates the Republicans’ evil and deadly machinations.

For dog’s sake, just seven months ago when Trump was still occupying a place he didn’t belong, pushing the COVID-19 vaccine was a major Republican cause celebre. However, shortly after President Biden was inaugurated and joined the GOP’s humanitarian crusade to get Americans vaccinated, the lifesaving effort became anathema for Republicans who are driving the hostility to being vaccinated against COVID-19.

As noted by Thom Hartmann writing for Independent Media Institute, the Republican crusade to keep Americans from being vaccinated is an evil ploy to help ensure electoral victories in the 2022 midterms and 2024 general election. Republicans, including their man-turned-god Trump, believe if they can repeat the massive death toll that Trump produced in 2020 and tank the economy, voters will reject Democrats en masse at the the polls.

What is particularly nefarious is Republicans are promoting opposition, now becoming outright hostility, to being vaccinated in their base of support. Data shows that “unwillingness to be vaccinated” is overwhelmingly occurring in locales that voted for Trump in the 2020 election.

One might askWould Republicans deliberately endanger the lives of their base to win elections? Of course they would; because they likely believe they won’t need the stupid caucus to win the next election. They are moving proverbial Heaven and real Earth to suppress voters who primarily support Democrats, so losing a tens-of-thousand of Republican voters is no big sacrifice.

Furthermore, one only needs harken back to the Republican opposition to anything related to mitigating the spread of COVID throughout 2020 to comprehend they will sacrifice any American’s life if they believe it will benefit them electorally. Because winning elections not only gives Republicans the power they crave now, they know it will provide them with incredible wealth when they leave politics.

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