Lindsey Graham Has A Meltdown Because Biden Won’t Make Schumer Dismiss Trump Impeachment

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on Fox News and melted down because Joe Biden won’t make Chuck Schumer dismiss the article of impeachment against Trump.


Graham said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Yeah, I think the debt is a problem but the coronavirus is raging, the hospitals are full and people are out of office and 1.9 trillion is way too much. We just did 900 billion. President Trump was right about a $2,000 stimulus check for middle-class families that are struggling. I will support out but I will not bail out blue states that have mismanaged their state governments and budgets under the name of the coronavirus.

But here is what I would say that Joe Biden is off to a lousy start. It would be so easy for him in the name of healing this country to — to tell Schumer to stand down impeachment. No good comes from impeaching President Trump out of office but he can’t do that, so I’m really worried that he’s going to stand up to the radical left on anything. I think we are going to have in the first hundred days by the Biden administration the most aggressive socialized — socialized policy effort in the history of the country.

Graham also wrote a letter to Majority Leader Elect Schumer demanding that he drop the impeachment charge against Trump:

Lindsey Graham is throwing a fit and screaming socialism because Joe Biden won’t let Donald Trump skate on attempting to overthrow the government with a violent insurrection. Graham also tried to pressure Georgia officials to overturn the election results and throw out votes.

Trump’s biggest enablers in Congress, like Sen. Graham, are worried that Trump might be convicted and their meal ticket will be gone forever. The howls of socialism by Republicans toward Biden didn’t work in the general election and the Georgia Senate runoff elections, so they aren’t going to be effective when Biden is in the White House.

Graham is acting out because it’s all falling apart, and he is powerless to stop the implosion of Trumpism.

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