A criminal cannot campaign on law and order

No sane human being believes Trump and his corrupt administration care about law and order; they care about frightening white people. However, during the RNC this week the lying hypocrite Mike Pence asserted that the upcoming election is about law and order.

Trump has violated the law, and his oath to uphold, defend and support the U.S. Constitution, since his very poorly-attended inauguration. In fact, many of Trump’s top cabinet members, including aspiring preacher Mike Pence, purposely and flagrantly committed perjury myriad times; including during sworn testimony before the United States Senate. To claim that Trump has decimated any sense of “order” in government is a gross understatement, but now the dirty liar Pence claims that in the upcoming general election “law and order is on the ballot.”

Trump wouldn’t know law and order if it walked up to him in Times Square, cordially introduced itself, and then shot him right in his bloated orange face. So it is an abomination he is basing his campaign on “law and order” when his administration has continually run afoul of the law and the U.S. Constitution; a run that began immediately after assuming office and continues unabated; including recently violating the Hatch Act.

It is likely that many Americans comprehend that besides promising more “law and order” to frighten the life out of white people, Trump is promising that if reelected he will repeat the law enforcement methods he used against peaceful protestors in Washington D.C. and Portland Oregon. If Trump gets a second term, there is little doubt he will assert that the people mandated him to pursue extrajudicial “law and order” tactics not unlike those in the tyrannical dictatorships he envisions for America. But that is not the point of this little screed; the hypocrisy of a criminal claiming law and order is his particular cause célèbre is.

If Trump cared about law and order, or law enforcement, he would not have spent a major portion of his tenure in the White House demonizing Federal law enforcement agencies. He has often referred to officials in Federal law enforcement agencies as human scum. He has even superseded the authority of the military’s criminal justice system for political gain. Trump has no use for law and order whatsoever making his claim to be a “law and order” leader an abomination.

If Trump was remotely interested in the law, and constitutional order, he would not blatantly defy Supreme Court decisions with impunity; something he gets away with because his boot-licking Attorney General will never do the job his office requires; enforce federal laws and High Court rulings. It is noteworthy that if Republicans in the House and Senate were doing their due diligence, Trump would not be violating any laws, including myriad parts of the U.S. Constitution. The GOP’s refusal to hold Trump accountable to the laws of the land makes them as guilty as their corrupt standard bearer.

The list of laws, rules, and constitutional order Trump has violated is extensive, but some of the most obvious are violations of the Emoluments Act, anti-nepotism statutes, obstructing the course of justice, abuse of power, and using the White House, the “people’s house,” to sell Trump-branded products.

It is also worth noting that many members of Trump’s cabinet committed perjury before the Senate during their confirmation hearings. In fact, Trump’s primary lackey, Mike (preacher) Pence, lied like the evangelical dog he is about not learning that admitted felon Michael Flynn secretly worked for foreign governments until it was revealed on television in early March 2017. However, Representative Elisha Cummings sent a letter to Pence in November 2016 alerting preacher Pence about Flynn’s work for foreign governments. Pence simply lied like his boss does as a matter of course.

It is highly likely that most Americans understand that Trump, or Pence, or any member of the corrupt administration have no regard whatsoever for “law and order.” What many Americans do understand is that Trump’s idea of law and order is using the military, vigilantes, or mercenaries to punish other American citizens for exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably protest, or honoring their oath to support the Constitution of the United States – something Trump regularly violates with impunity.

No doubt Trump will be successful in frightening some Americans into supporting his reelection bid based on his “law and order” campaign pledge. It is just as likely that the voters Trump frightens know he is corrupt, but support him because he will target other Americans who do not agree with his, and their, worldview about people they believe have no place in “their country.”  

Donald Trump is a criminal and just because Republicans in Congress and Attorney General William Barr refuse to hold him accountable for his many crimes, it doesn’t mean he is not a criminal. For the record, a criminal is any person who violates the law; they don’t have to be arrested or tried and convicted, they just have to violate the law. And if they are a criminal hypocrite like Donald J. Trump, they run a campaign for the White House founded on law and order.

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