Keeping Children Safe While Out And About

All parents must be concerned about their kids’ safety. Instructing them not to talk to strangers is not enough. Discover common sense tips that can protect kids of all ages.

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

The biggest fear for any parent is something happening to their children. This is a nightmare no one wants to experience. You can give yourself peace of mind by getting a smart phone watch for kids, so you will never have to question their location. Aside from GPS, some models are also equipped with two-way calling and other useful features. They also look like cool accessories, so kids do not mind wearing them.

Top 5 Safety Precautions

So, what are the key tips for keeping a child safe? There is a lot to teach them apart from explaining why they must not talk to strangers or walk away with them. It is an absolute must to do the following:

  1. Explain that they should always tell you about any strangers who approach them.
  2. When your child is traveling on their own on a bus or train, they should sit next to other families.
  3. Tell them they should only enter elevators with friends, and it is perfectly okay to get out if they feel uncomfortable around strangers in the same elevator.
  4. Instruct them to find a policeman and ask for help if they ever get lost. If there is no police officer in view, they should look for an adult with children or someone working at a store or café nearby.
  5. Have your kid learn their telephone number and address by heart.

Rules for Parents When They Are Out With Their Kids

Kids can be vulnerable even when they are accompanied by their parents. When out and about, keep your kid within your sight at all times, or make sure an adult you trust is watching them. Follow the basic precautions below:

  • If your child is a toddler, use reins to keep him or her nearby at all times.
  • If you are visiting a place like a museum, choose a meeting point in case anyone gets lost.
  • Travel in the same train carriage and choose bus seats close to one another.
  • Accompany your child into public toilets.

Keeping Children Safe While Out And About

Rules for Teens

Teenagers are targeted by criminals the most often. Listening to music via earphones or headphones prevents them from hearing what is going on around them. Explain that they must stay alert at all times, choose well-lit roads with a lot of pedestrians and steer clear of alleyway shortcuts.

If they suspect they are being followed, they should go to a busy place like a store or a bus stop. If someone tries to rob them, they should not fight. Keeping cell phones and other valuables out of sight will prevent unwanted attention.

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