Katy Perry Fans Are Not Happy She Promoted Her Dad’s ‘Non-Partisan’ T-Shirt Line

Katy Perry is drawing criticism from fans for promoting her father and brother’s new line of “non-partisan” apparel, Nothing But American.

On Friday, November 27, she posted a video from her father, Keith Hudson, talking about his new company to Twitter and Instagram.  Perry posted the video with the message, “We haven’t always seen [eye] to [eye] but I’m proud of my dad n bro for coming up with this! Head to @NothingButUSA store for the vibes.”

In the video, Mr. Hudson asks the viewer (rhetorically) if they are “sick of the division” in our country and “losing family” because of disagreements over political views. He says that no matter another person’s religion or beliefs, he will consider them his friend and fellow American, and designed the t-shirt he is wearing to send that message. In the video, he wears a shirt where boxes for donkey (Democrat) and elephant (Republican) are left blank, but the box for the American flag is ticked. The other design available on the website reads “Not A Republican, Not A Democrat, I Am An American.”

The backlash was swift. On Twitter and Instagram, fans were mystified by the choice to promote this product, which doesn’t appear to tangibly create a connection between people of different parties while glossing over the very real moral divide in this country. 

Some pointed out that, though the project is “non-partisan,” Perry’s dad reportedly voted for Trump, which many feel directly contrasts with the values Perry claims to promote. 

Like Perry said in her tweet, the father and daughter haven’t always agreed on politics. Perry’s father is an evangelical Christian pastor who once called her a “devil child” in one of his sermons. Perry, meanwhile, performed at the 2016 DNC, and began speaking out on liberal issues in the wake of Trump’s election, though her “woke rebrand” was met with some criticism. 

Katy Perry supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election and apparently reached out to her conservative family members after Biden’s victory over Trump. “The first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them,” she tweeted on November 8. ” #FamilyFirst. Call your family today. Happy Sunday.” 

On November 22, she dedicated her performance at the American Music Awards to her dad.

But fans see this latest post as more than just a daughter reaching out to her dad. Amid the many comments on Instagram asking Perry to delete the video, jewelry designer Markus Molinary wrote a statement summarizing why Perry’s message of love and tolerance is inconsistent with a video about making nice with the Republican party. 

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