If you do this online activity, you need a VPN

A VPN is a powerful tool, but most people only use it for one of two things: accessing geo-restricted content or preventing tracking. The number of online users grows every year – in 2022, there were over five billion internet users worldwide. The internet is a firm part of our daily life and a main source of entertainment for many.

Whether you enjoy shopping online, streaming your favorite TV show, or connecting to a public hotspot while out and about, there are several online activities that could be improved by using a tool that a lot of internet users may see as redundant nowadays – a VPN.

Let’s take a look at how a VPN can improve your online experience, from a gaming VPN to a VPN for security and privacy while browsing on public Wi-Fi.

Is it worth it?

Many individuals do not only rely on geo-restricted services nowadays. There are many streaming services available across the world nowadays and there is always something for everyone. As a result, the VPN has become obsolete for many people. But, aside from these instances, is it actually not worth having?

A Virtual Private Network, at its core, redirects your connection to mask your IP address and encrypt your data. This seemingly simple modification can drastically alter how you interact with the online world, especially if you frequently travel abroad.

You may be engaged in several online activities right now that require a VPN or can be considerably improved by using a VPN. Here are some common online activities and how their experience can be enhanced by utilizing a VPN.


Your physical location has a significant impact on your online gaming experience. Online games use a centralized server to connect players from all around the world – because of this, you are more likely to have a seamless gaming experience if your physical location is close to the location of the centralized server. This is where a VPN can come into play.

Lag is a widespread problem among online gamers that play reactive games due to delays in receiving and transferring data packets over the internet. This is known as ping, which is a measurement used to evaluate network communication slowness. A VPN can alleviate this difficulty by connecting you to a server near the centralized gaming server.

The advantages of using a VPN for online gaming do not stop at long-distance connections. Protecting your data and security is also something to consider while playing online as many cybercriminals target gamers’ accounts to steal information such as credit card details. A VPN can also help you stabilize your internet connection to reduce throttling, which can ruin your gaming experience.


Torrenting is widely perceived as an illicit method of sharing copyrighted software and media. However, it is simply a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technology in which users join networks to share data.

Torrenting is legal or illegal depending on the type of material shared. Uploading or downloading copyrighted software or media is, of course, unlawful and may result in legal action.

Even if you do not transfer unlawful data (which you absolutely shouldn’t), a VPN is still required for a variety of reasons. The most crucial one is not ending up on a watch list. Many government agencies and authorities, such as the NSA, keep a watch list of individuals to monitor illegal activities.

Users that regularly download and upload torrents are the main target of such lists because they often end up engaging in illegal activity. You don’t want to be pursued by government officials for indulging in legitimate torrenting.


Internet users may be unaware that utilizing a VPN allows them to receive better discounts when shopping online. Most websites check your IP address to determine your location and then provide you with prices and bundles based on that information. You may be able to obtain a better deal on an item if you connect to a server in a location where prices are lower.

Purchasing an airline ticket from Malaysia, for example, may be less expensive than booking the same ticket from the United States. It is common knowledge that airlines leverage user profiling and dynamic pricing to optimize revenues. Similar pricing schemes are used by other online booking realtors, such as hotels.

Keep in mind that a drop in price isn’t always guaranteed, but it is worth a try if you are looking into booking something expensive. To help ensure that a business does not know you from previous activity, clear your browser cookies before searching or use an incognito window.

The bottom line

Utilizing a VPN may be worth it if you engage in online activities such as gaming, to budgeting for your next trip. Not only will you better safeguard your personal data, but you will also enhance your user experience each time you go online.

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