Hunting with night vision. Is it legal?

Various devices that support night vision technology (NV) are actively used by hunting enthusiasts. Such optics improve visibility and give a chance to examine any objects in detail. Before buying various devices, it is important to know that some US states and many countries around the world have restrictions on their use, and in some places they are completely prohibited. To avoid any problems with law enforcement and calmly do what you love, you need to study the entire legislative framework well and decide on the territories in which NV is legal.

Is owning night vision legal?

For a long time, there was a lot of controversy regarding the issue of legalizing night vision. Its proponents pointed to the effectiveness of the technology, as well as its usefulness for a variety of tasks. However, opponents spoke about the lack of demand for NV and the injustice of its use for some purposes (for example, with night optics, a hunter gets a tangible advantage over animals and practically deprives them of the possibility of salvation). All discussions stopped after the passage of a law that allowed every US citizen to own NV optics. In this regard, anyone can freely purchase the devices they like and store them at home without the need to obtain special permission.

Despite the fact that the law does not prohibit the purchase of modern night optics, it is not always and not always allowed to use it. This feature is associated with the presence of certain restrictions that are individual for all states. Therefore, before taking various devices with you on a hunt, you need to get answers to questions about the legality of their operation.

How is hunting with night vision?

Modern hunting is not just about hiking in the woods with weapons, ammunition and a fowl bag. It is a much more complex task, in which it is difficult to do without various NV devices. Sights and special glasses are considered the most effective. With their help, the process of tracking prey is simplified and the percentage of inaccurate shots is reduced. Binoculars and monoculars will also be useful for night hunting.

Hunting after sunset is always interesting. This process gives a lot of positive emotions and allows you to forget about everyday problems for a while. To get maximum pleasure, you need to carefully prepare and study the important features of such a hunt.

Key features of hunting using a variety of NV devices and useful recommendations:

  1. At night it is impossible to get the same perfect visibility as during the day. This feature should be remembered before going hunting. Otherwise, the use of night optics will be a real disappointment for you. The maximum that ultra-modern devices can give is a high-quality and detailed image of the surrounding area.
  2. An important feature of hunting under the light of the moon is the difficulty of identifying animals whose rustle or sounds are heard in front of you. To correct the shortcoming, it is necessary to use various NV devices. They will help to quickly determine the species of a nearby representative of the fauna, and take the necessary measures. If there is a dangerous predator within a few meters of you, then it is better to step aside or take a safer position before making a shot (for example, in a tree or in a prepared shelter).
  3. Even modern models of night optics distort the picture a little. Therefore, you need to practice in advance before you go in search of animals. Otherwise, distortion will lead to various difficulties that will prevent you from aiming well and hitting the target accurately.
  4. In most cases, NVDs are compact and lightweight. This gives a chance to use them throughout the hunt, and not just when looking for prey or aiming before shooting. For example, NV devices will be useful while moving through dense thickets and dangerous paths. This optics will allow you to see various natural obstacles and overcome them without the risk of injury.
  5. When hunting with devices that support night vision technology, it is important to find a suitable place to view the surrounding area. They will be an open or partially open area on a small hill. If you can find one, then the probability of finding nearby animals will be much higher.
  6. No device will protect you from all troubles. Because of this, before you go hunting, you need to check the equipment several times. It should contain not only NV optics, but also simpler devices such as a flashlight, a knife, a navigator, a means of communication, and so on. Also, it will not be superfluous to have a full-fledged first aid kit, where there is everything necessary for first aid.
  7. The probability that you will be the only hunter in the forest is quite small. Therefore, while searching for fowl, it is important not to forget to inspect the surrounding area with available NV devices for the presence of other people. If this is not done, then you can take the hunter for an animal and make a fatal shot. It is also not recommended to forget about your own safety. To do this, in any territory you need to walk in clothes with reflective inserts that will be visible from a long distance. Their presence will reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of another hunter.
  8. Night vision gives a huge advantage over animals. This increases the chance of killing a lot of fowl. However, this should not be done. It is better to shoot the number of animals that you need. The rest of the individuals should be left for other hunters or the next hikes in the forest.

Is it legal to hunt with night vision?

The United States is the world leader in the number of officially registered hunters. This feature is explained by the excellent conditions for the development and prosperity of the occupation. In almost every region you can find hunting grounds where a sufficient number of animals are found and there are no limits on their shooting. All this attracts the attention of locals and foreigners who come to America to get the trophy of their dreams. Each visiting hunter will definitely get great pleasure and will not regret the past adventure for the rest of his life. In order not to overshadow the event with a conflict with the law, you need to clearly know the rules of hunting in the state you are going to. Otherwise, you can accidentally break the existing rules, which will lead to a serious punishment in the form of a large fine.

Hunting with NVDs is not allowed everywhere. Each region introduces its own bans and sets restrictions on the purchase and operation of these devices. In Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, hunting is completely prohibited after sunset. Accordingly, the use of optics for dark time is also not allowed. Partial bans have been introduced in Alabama, Kansas, Delaware, Oregon, Rhode Island, Missouri, Alaska, Arizona, California, Tennessee. In all of these states, you can hunt at night, but only without the use of NV devices.

Modern technologies bring great benefits to mankind. Among them, night vision stands out, which is widely used in hunting and during hundreds of other tasks. At night, it provides people with a high-quality image of the surrounding area, and also makes it easier to find even well-camouflaged animals. Not everywhere new technologies are available for use, so it is important to carefully read the current legislation and strictly comply with it. If done right, it is possible to find hunting grounds where night vision is legal and does not cause any problems.

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