How the Weather Can Cause Pile-Up Accidents

Do you happen to know someone who can predict accidents? Not even well-known pundits and predictors can do that. Pile-up accidents, in particular, happen regularly, but they aren’t predictable. And when such accidents occur due to Mother Nature leaving, vehicle owners and other parties have no one else to blame.

What Do Stats Say About It?

Nearly a half of traffic accidents happen globally due to abnormalities in weather conditions. Many of these accidents, in turn, affect the victims direly, like keeping them away from work for a long time due to recover from their injuries.

The worst is that many people have also lost their loved ones in car accidents caused by bad weather. However, the nature of these accidents does not mean that you cannot file a compensation claim.

Liaising with your attorney when you or your friend gets injured in one such crash will enable you to know the proper procedures to follow to obtain compensation. Read on to find out more.

What Factors Cause Accidents During Bad Weather?

Below are some of the factors known for causing accidents during bad weather:

  • Poor road conditions
  • Low visibility
  • Faulty vehicles or equipment
  • Excess water.

1. Poor Road Conditions

Many people do not believe that poor road conditions are among the leading factors that cause accidents in bad weather. But that is the truth. Navigating through poorly maintained but wet roads and low visibility make many drivers easily lose control. In the past, cars used to veer into ditches due to bad roads.

2. Improper Visibility

It’s undeniable that when drivers cannot see the road, the chances of causing an accident increase. Most accidents happen because of poor road visibility. For instance, it’s easier for vehicles moving in opposite directions to collide with one another on a bad weather day.

Fog is the major factor that causes such accidents. Slippery roads are another risk factor especially for drivers tailgating on a major highway as it was the case with a major pile-up that killed 6 people on an icy roadway near Fort Worth, Texas. First responders said the road was so slippery that they could barely navigate it. Therefore, drivers must be extra careful when driving in such conditions.

3. Faulty Vehicle or Equipment

Driving a car that does not respond to environmental changes is among the causes of weather-related accidents. Taking your vehicle for maintenance on such days is critical for you since it will prevent your vehicle from becoming faulty when the weather is poor.

4. Excess Water

Have you ever spotted a road that was entirely submerged? It frequently happens when the road’s design was not proper during the initial stages of the construction. You need to be careful when driving on such roads.

Is It Possible to Avoid Accidents?

Many accidents do occur due to bad weather. But does it mean that they are not avoidable? Every accident is preventable, provided you follow safety measures.

1. Stay Focused on the Road

Always be cautious once you realize the weather is not normal. Most drivers assume that things are normal when they are not, causing preventable accidents. When you know that ice and snow are everywhere on the road, don’t drive normally. Instead, shift all your focus onto the road and ensure you maneuver keenly.

2. Know When Not to Drive

Don’t rush to drive. Being keen on your surroundings is vital. It’s worth waiting if you realize the weather is not friendly. Doing that may save you from crashing on the road. Remember, human life matters the most. Therefore, don’t take things casually.

3. Keep Your Headlights On

Have you noticed that most vehicles aren’t visible on a snow day? As such, head-on and rear collisions happen frequently. Keep your headlights on always to make your vehicle visible. That will also allow other oncoming vehicles to spot you from a distance.

Final Thoughts

Low visibility and icy roads could become the ingredients of a deadly cocktail that may cause massive pileups, leading to dozens of life-altering injuries and needless loss of lives. When one such tragedy happens, one may wonder whether such tragedies could have been prevented.

Local authorities and even the state government are responsible for the road management, so if the road was slippery at the time of the crash, they could be held liable. If you were involved in one such crash, talk to a motor vehicle accident lawyer to see if you could sue authorities to get the compensation you may be due.

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