Why Are Organic Products so Important for Our Health?

More and more people are shifting to organic food nowadays as they become more aware of how important it is to protect our environment. When it comes to going to the grocery store and buying food, your main goal is getting something delicious that will fill your stomach at all the different times of the day. Therefore, you may not look at whether what you are purchasing is organic or not. If you want to join the organic food world, you need to be determined to make a change and to buy it from now on. Organic products are not only said to help the environment, but they are also healthier for us.

What makes organic products so important for our health, though? Below you will find several reasons why organic products can be beneficial for our bodies.

  1. They Contain Healthy Fats

Organic products are much healthier when it comes to fats. A study in the British Journal of Nutrition conducted in 2016 has shown that organic products like milk and meat can contain 50% higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. This is a known unsaturated healthy fat type. Therefore, organic milk and meat contain more healthy fats than products produced conventionally, which is a huge plus. Suppose you want to boost the intake of omega-3 fatty acids without taking in too much saturated fat or more calories. In that case, organic products will be a much better alternative than conventional ones.

The reason behind this may be the organic or free-range way livestock is raised. They spend more time outdoors, and they have a diet consisting of grass, according to the authors of the study.

  1. More Antioxidants

Some organic products have more antioxidant content compared to conventional products. This was shown in a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. They found that there was a 20% higher antioxidant content in organic onions than onions grown conventionally. Also, they brought up analyses done previously, where no difference was found between organic versus conventional antioxidant levels. According to them, this may have been the case because the study periods were too short, and variables like the weather were confusing. The study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry was done over a six-year long period.

At the same time, Harvard Chan School of Public health associate professor of Nutrition Guy Crosby mentioned that it is still debatable whether there are more nutrients in organic foods. While he admits the research was done very well, he still mentions that the study only looks at one phytochemical process and shows that they can be improved under organic conditions. He also says that if the researchers doing the study measured another mineral or vitamin, another result would have appeared.

So, while organic onions may have more antioxidants, it is still subject to debate. They are still, however, healthy options that will be good to have in your diet.

  1. They Have No Synthetic Hormones or Antibiotics

When animals are raised in unsanitary conditions, they have to be given antibiotics. These can help protect the animals against potential illnesses. This way, conventional livestock is just easier for farmers to raise. Even though a limitation was added for certain antibiotics by the FDA, some loopholes haven’t forced it to stop completely. On top of that, some animals can get synthetic growth hormone injections, except poultry. By injecting these hormones, the animals will either produce more milk or gain weight much faster.

It is very likely for conventional products to pass on traces of these substances to people who consume them. The worst thing about this is that synthetic hormones in dairy and meat can increase cancer risk. Antibiotic resistance may also be created by drug residue.

Meanwhile, organic products are different as they are safer. They aren’t produced with antibiotics and hence are a much safer alternative.

  1. Less Heavy Metals and Pesticides

It’s not a secret that pesticides are used in these activities when it comes to conventional farming. The amounts used are said to be safe in terms of the quantities used. Still, warnings were made by health experts. There may still be some risks if people are constantly exposed to these chemicals.

The chlorpyrifos insecticide, for instance, is said to generate delays in the development of infants. Meanwhile, the Roundup herbicide is also considered a possible carcinogen for humans. What’s even worse is the fact that a meta-analysis in the British Journal of Nutrition has shown that conventional products may test positive for cadmium. Cadmium is a very toxic metal that will accumulate in a person’s kidney and liver.

The study shows that organic products will always contain less pesticide levels and that they were 48% less probable to test positive for the toxic metal cadmium. This is because all labeled organic vegetables, grains, and fruits are grown without using most artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

  1. They’re Grown in Healthy Soil

When food is grown in healthy soil, it will always be healthier and more delicious. This is the case with organic products. When farming organically, healthy soil is created. This is because farmers use organic matter, animal manure, green manure, and soil amendments to create the soil. As a result, the food grown in it will be healthier, tolerate insects, and even survive drought scenarios and resist disease.

Final Thoughts

Organic products can make you healthier and also allow you to protect the environment at the same time. They don’t contain as many pesticides and heavy metals as conventional products, so they will not be harmful to our bodies. Besides, organic food may be more nutritious, contain more antioxidants and healthy fats, and contain no synthetic hormones or antibiotics. Crops grown in healthy soil and animals raised organically can also provide healthier and more delicious meals. Besides, you can even find top organic CBD products if you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD while also protecting the environment. Organic CBD products may contain things like organic aloe leaf juice, organic glycerin, and organic olive oil, among other things. While organic products may be pricier, they are worth every penny thanks to their health and environmental benefits.

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