Hospitals for Spinal Surgery

Do you suffer from back pain? Feel constant discomfort so that you cannot exercise and are afraid to lift heavy objects? Do you want to move freely and forget about the pain? These problems can be solved once and for all, without a long hospital stay, and with maximum safety for the patients. Modern minimally invasive technology and microsurgery minimize the trauma and reduce the hospital stay to just several days.

Spinal surgery abroad

Clinics abroad apply highly effective treatment methods for spine and spinal cord pathology and modern rehabilitation methods. Each patient receives an individual scheme of rehabilitation and patient care, which is supervised by experienced specialists. That is why you can find only positive feedback about the treatment of spinal diseases abroad.

The main advantage of spine surgery abroad is its minimally invasive nature. The risk of postoperative complications with such an approach is minimal. The pain usually disappears in a few days after the intervention. Discharge from a hospital is possible already on the next day after surgery. This method allows quickly returning to professional activities and sports.

You can undergo different modifications of spine surgery at:

  • Hospital Neuwerk Mönchengladbach
  • Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital Berlin
  • Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur
  • Charite University Hospital Berlin
  • Beta Klinik Bonn

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The best treatment for lumbar spine stenosis

Stenosis of the lumbar spine can occur for a variety of reasons. But it is always manifested by painful symptoms when moving, like intermittent claudication, and muscle weakness. The best treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis is aimed at the elimination of triggering factors and improving the patient’s well-being.

The treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis can be conservative. Conservative therapy includes treatment with anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs, corticosteroids, and drugs that improve microcirculation. Prescription of a course of physical exercises and relevant methods of medical care is also effective. In some groups of patients, wearing a fixation brace is also effective. Alas, it is impossible to predict a complete recovery with conservative treatment. If complaints persist despite the conservative treatment, surgical treatment is recommended.

Surgery is aimed at eliminating the compression of the spinal nerve roots. Today, open and endoscopic (when incisions are minimal) surgeries are performed. The following techniques are most commonly used for spine surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis:

  • Laminectomy, that involves an expansion of the spinal canal by removing separate elements
  • Stabilizing surgery, that enhances the supportive function of the spine
  • Microsurgical decompression and use of fixation systems, that involves the spinal column strengthening after the stenosis is eliminated
  • Microdiscectomy, possibly in combination with a laminectomy (if the development of lumbar stenosis is connected with a herniated disc)

The type of surgical intervention or conservative treatment is selected taking into account the clinical picture in each case. As a rule, the use of surgical methods ensures the complete recovery. For the best possible result, it is important to follow the recommendations of physicians and to adhere to rehabilitation measures.

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Is it possible to undergo spinal surgery abroad during a lockdown?

Indeed, it is. Booking Health will organize your treatment at the specialized medical center as quickly as possible, in urgent cases – immediately. Considering the fact that a lockdown complicates undergoing treatment abroad when organized by oneself, Booking Health helps arrange the every intricate detail of the medical journey even when the lockdown is still on.

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