CDPAP: Everything You Need To Know

CDPAP refers to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This New York State Medicaid program intends to extend home care consumers to hire, recruit, as well as direct their own caregivers so that they can be taken care of well amidst their illness, and other health conditions. This program lets a patient choose to hire family members and friends as their caregivers. Yes, you heard it right. Many other medical aid programs usually have outsiders such as nurses and other individuals as caregivers. CDPAP is a little different from the said services.

Many reasons such as old age, sickness, or a pre-existing health condition make it difficult for an individual to carry out routine chores. In such situations, it is a good idea to hire a caregiver who will assist the patient with daily activities. CDPAP helps these patients with the same. Many CDPAP programs are getting popular all across the nation.

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Choose your family member as your healthcare/personal assistant: 

Under the general rule of CDPAP, the patient can choose a family member to take care and aid them in daily tasks. However, this program doesn’t allow everyone to become a personal assistant to the patient. The rules of CDPAP suggest that spouses cannot be personal assistants. Apart from this, parents of children under the age of 21, too, cannot serve as a personal assistant.

The rules are not so stringent as they appear. CDPAP doesn’t require any special license or certification for the individuals to serve as personal assistants to the patient. Hence, anyone apart from the exceptions listed above can apply for the same.

CDPAP is the best alternative for a patient who has at least one family member or friend who can spare time to help them accomplish all the essential daily tasks.

Advantages Of CDPAP: 

The concept of CDPAP is becoming popular and for all the right reasons. Here are the advantages of opting for this program over the other traditional home care services:

  1. The personal assistants or help of the patients are not required to have special certification or licensing to apply for this program. It opens the gate for one and all to apply for this opportunity and earn money.
  2. Even the close relatives of the patient like children and other individuals can apply for this program. The cherry on the cake is that CDPAP pays all the assistants to provide care to the patient. Thus, apart from taking care of your loved ones and assisting them in routine tasks, you can end up earning some money as well.
  3. A personal assistant so hired by the patient can administer skilled services such as giving insulin shots, wound care, suctioning tracheostomies, and others. All these services ensure that the patient is well taken care of by the assistant.
  4. Hiring a personal assistant is a sigh of relief for the patient as he is taken care of, loved, and accompanied by them.

Take care of your loved ones and get paid: 

If you have applied for the CDPAP program and are performing some level of care for the patient, you can get paid from Medicaid. Besides this, a CDPAP patient can also have more than one caregiver. Thus, you don’t have to burden yourself with many responsibilities while taking care of the patient. Shared responsibility may work in favor of everybody involved in the process.


Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program serves two-fold advantages, both to the patient as well as the caregiver. It is imperative to do your homework and learn all the essential details before you opt for it.

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