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XAUUSD:4/10 Today’s Trading Strategy for OANDA:XAUUSD by ActuaryJ

Yesterday, the technical side of gold rose first and then fell. The Asian market quickly fell back and fell to near the 1815 mark, which ushered in a shock rebound. It rebounded further in the afternoon and went up to above 1825, falling into sideways consolidation. Later, the U.S. market accelerated slightly and surged above 1833, falling back and closing with shock. , the daily K-line closing suppressed the volatile negative line, and the overall price continued to be under pressure at the 1833 mark to continue the weak short position. The current weak short position line focuses on the opening of the US market yesterday at 1833, and the daily line level failed to break through and stand above this position to continue to maintain To suppress the short position, today’s counter-draw continues to rely on the 1830-1833 area to be mainly bearish and then to see the decline. The lower target level is still focused on breaking the bottom. The upper part of the overall shape continues to maintain the suppressing short position unchanged. The counter-draw continues to be mainly bearish. Below 1833, the counter trend is long. You need to be cautious and continue to participate in transactions with the trend;

Judging from the one-hour pattern, the gold price fell rapidly yesterday and stopped at 1815, and then rebounded close to 17 US dollars. However, it was just a normal decline and rebound. After the pressure level is confirmed, the decline mode will continue. The turning point for shorts in the early stage was at 1830. The trend of the hourly line has repeatedly attacked 1830, but all of them have failed so far. The one-hour moving average pressure has been revised down to 1828, while the pressure on the trend line is at 1837. It has not stabilized at 1837. We are still We cannot think that the market has reversed, and if there are short signals during the period, we will continue to be bearish! In the short term during the day, continue to choose high-altitude operations; continue to follow the short principle! Today, focus on the resistance of 1830-1833 at the top and the support at 1815-1804 at the bottom. Continue to look down after breaking the position; the target position for this decline is 1800-1795 support, and the target will be bullish when the target reaches here;

Taken together, today’s gold short-term operation thinking is Jiesse’s suggestion to mainly go short on the rebound, and then go long on the pullback. The top short-term focus will be on the 1830-1833 first-line resistance, and the bottom short-term focus will be on the 1815-1804 first-line support. All friends must keep up with the rhythm. It is necessary to control positions and stop loss issues, set stop losses strictly, and never resist orders. The recent market turmoil has been relatively large, and opportunities and risks coexist. Control risks and gain profits.








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