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Trendmaster Market Update – Monday October 3rd for TVC:DXY by TrendmasterOfficial

-Welcome to Monday October 3rd

The Q3 close last Friday showed a complete route in the general markets as the quarterly close saw the DOW, NQ, and SP down 16%, 17%, and 20% from their summer rally highs. The Dollar Currency Index is still fully parabolic from it’s double bottom from May 2021. The collapsing value of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse has brought to problems in Deutsche Bank and several other institutions across the European continent. That being said everyone is bearish and expecting more downside and historically Q4 is the strongest quarter.

*Breaking* – hastily announced emergency FED meeting (US) has been called for today at 17.30 UTC


Both the Nasdaq and the SP500 are at critical support. The Nasdaq closed the quarterly under 11k signaling the lowest close in 2 years however still holding above it’s 9.7k pre covid dump high. A gain of 11.5k is the only thing that matters to the upside –

The SP500 also closed the Quarter under 3.6k another 2 year low with only the pre covid dump high at 3.4k to offer any levels of importance to the downside. –

The VIX is still hovering around the low 30s and at a potential failure point. A loss of 29.5 and the major support there could see some bullish relief as markets have been generally crushed and fear and panic are reaching 2008 levels. Anything above 35 and the bearish markets should accelerate to the downside. –

BTC is still hovering near its main resistance as 20k which is the September, July, and Q3 open. This is the main area to break out from which upon its gain should see a test of 21.2k at the least. To the downside 18.6k has remained an important swing in price action and between that and 18.4k there any major losses or level there should flush the price back into the 17k zone. –

ETH although retracing more than BTC following the highs from the summer rally, ETH continues to hold above the June/July range high at 1. 27k . Any loss of level around 1.22k should see a retest of the previous range levels at the low 1100s. To the upside a regain of the floor of 1.4k could see ETH rally to its September open levels of 1.55k. –

BTC1! BTC trading on the CME is opened up monday with a slight gap just above 19.2k at that is the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly open. The CME Report showed nothing significant other than Exchanges/Brokers being extremely short as of last Tuesday. Asset Managers/Institutions are still completely out of position on their longs that were added in November ‘21, and April, August of this year are severely under water. CME traders want the regain of 20.4k to test up into the 22k zone. There is also a very old CME gap from 17.6k to 17k which is still untouched from the 2020 runup. Any fill of that gap would be critical in the overall price and a buy back or continued loss of that zone would dictate BTC’s direction for the coming quarter. –

NFLX Netflix has been playing out a beautiful 17%+ range for the past 6 weeks with major support at 215 and resistance at 250. Buying higher lows from the support and Selling lower highs from the resistance is still viable until proven otherwise. A loss of the 215 low should see a retest of it’s June monthly open at 198 while conversely a breakout of 250 could see the gigantic gap between 252 and 330 finally filled. A breakout however, is only likely in a general market rally. –

Financial Events
The emergency FED meeting today at 17.30 UTC is of critical importance to the markets as the financial system is showing signs of cracking. The only item listed under Matters to be Considered is “Review and determination by the Board of Governors of the advance and discount rates to be charged by the Federal Reserve Banks.
Other important items this week:
Wednesday Oct 5th – Crude Oil Inventories
Thursday Oct 6th – Initial Jobless Claims
Friday Oct 7th – Unemployment Rate – Forecast 3.7%

Chart to Watch

The DXY Dollar Currency Index is generally the canary for market Bullishness or Bearishness as it has an inverse relationship with the general markets. The fact that we are at the midpoint of the “Dot Com Bubble” high structure is a frightening wake up call. It has continued its fully parabolic move since the double bottom back in May 2021 and shows no signs of slowing. The important swing low at 111.3 needs to be broken and retested bearishly which would signal a general correction in the DXY and see much needed relief flood into the markets. It has currently only tested structure at 111.6 in the past few days of retracement and looks primed to send off to new highs. The eventual parabolic break of the DXY will be a catalyst for a significant bear market rally. –

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