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TOP 10 Altcoins Growing Big This Summer for INDEX:BTCUSD by AlanSantana

The Altcoins are starting to awaken and we are going to see some big winners in this upcoming Altcoins market bullish wave.

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To start, we have Bitcoin which is still consolidating slowly but whom will soon speed up.

We are expecting to the see the king move BIG first…

Bitcoin 3D | Volume + Reversal Candle + RSI (100% to 120% Next)

Now, let’s look at the major Altcoins.


Ethereum is the queen of crypto, the #2 cryptocurrency/#1 Altcoin, and is surely showing plenty of room for growth.

We are seeing over 100% of potential on the below chart:

Ethereum 3D Oversold | Comparing To Bitcoin (170% to 200% Next)


We are looking at the potential target for the upcoming relief rally for Solana and we set it at $98…

There is more, see the analysis below:

Solana Long-Term | Potential Target Set At $98.5 (Bear market)


We have a full cycle depicted on this chart…

From the current price to the All-Time High, we can see a nice profits potential of 650%+.

Chainlink Long-Term (650% Potential Profits To All-Time High)


Cardano has been a TOP cryptocurrency project since the day it launched.
Cardano is definitely one of the most popular ones, we’ve been tracking it daily and it has huge potential for growth.

This is the latest trade idea… Short-term target set but there can be more!

Cardano Wider Perspective | Easy 15% (10X Lev. = 150%) & More…


Not really one of the top ones but one of the best moving so far…

There is room for additional growth!

Storj Goes Bullish vs Bitcoin (Easy 50% + More)

Storj High Volume Breakout (100% to 235% Mapped)

Let me know in the comment sections what you think about these Altcoins.

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Here are five additional Altcoins that are set to grow/big strong in the weeks to come.

(6) AXSUSDT | Axie Infinity | Mapping 100%+ Target + Cryptocurrency Trading

(7) COMPUSDT | Compound Bottomed Out! 230% Potential Profits Next!

(8) XLMBTC | Stellar Goes Bullish Long-Term (100% to 190% Potential Targets)

(9) GMTUSDT | STEPN Trade Signal (122% Potential Profits)

(10) UNIBTC | Uniswap Giant Falling Wedge (Long-Term W/ Fibs)

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