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Third period of volatility: March 29-31 for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by readCrypto

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The reason why I explain the USDT, USDC , BTC .D, USDT.D chart first is that it is judged that the price change of coins (tokens) can be predicted to some extent if the overall money flow of the coin market is known.

(USDT chart)

( USDC chart)

( BTC .D 1W chart)

(USDT.D 1D chart)

While USDT is gapping and maintaining an uptrend, USDC is gapping and trending down.

When USDT rises, the coin market is likely to rise.

However, caution should be exercised as USDC’s continued decline may limit its rise or lead to a sharp decline.

Taking the charts of USDT, USDC , BTC .D, USDT.D, BTCUSDT , BTCUSDTPERP , and BTCKRW together, the next volatility period is expected to be around March 16, around March 20-24, and around March 29-30 It’s possible.


( BTCUSDT chart)


( BTCUSDT 1W chart)

The question is whether the price can stay above the M-Signal on the 1M chart and rise to around 32259.90.

If not, you should check if it is supported near the HA-High indicator.

(1D chart)

The key is whether it can get support around 27662.82 and rise above 28923.63.

If not, you should check if it is supported around 26013.28-26574.53.

If it falls below 26013.28, there is a possibility that it will fall to around 23141.57, so a countermeasure is needed.

The important interval for the long-term trend is the 32259.90-37253.81 area.

If the price continues to rise above this range, a full-fledged uptrend is expected to begin.

This full-blown uptrend is expected to set the uptrend for next year’s bull market.

However, if it rises above 32259.90 and fails to maintain the price and falls below 28923.63, it is highly likely to create a downtrend again, so you need to think about countermeasures.

Therefore, the 28923.63 point in the long-term trend is an important point.

The third volatility period was moved around March 30 (March 29-31) due to price volatility .

The next period of volatility on this chart, i.e. the BTCUSDT chart, is around April 7th.

When BTC is positioned below 29K (28923.63), you should focus on buying BTC or ETH.

It is recommended to proceed with the first purchase of altcoins that will be held until next year’s bull market.

The reason for this is that when BTC continues its full-fledged uptrend, altcoins are likely to move sideways or show a downtrend.

Therefore, when BTC is below 29K , it is a good idea to end most of your BTC or ETH purchases.

However, as the current price has risen to around 29K , you need to be cautious about buying.

This is because around 29K can act as a resistor.


( BTCKRW chart)

The question is whether the price can sustain its rise above 37585000.

If not, you need to check if the price stays around 36412000.

if it goes down,

1st: 35539000

2nd: 31024000-32042000

You need to make sure that it is supported in the vicinity of the 1st and 2nd above.

The next volatility period has been moved to around April 2nd.


– big picture

A full-fledged uptrend is expected to start when it rises above 29K .

This is the 81K-95K range that we expect to touch in the next bull market.

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** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** Even if you know other people’s know-how, it takes a considerable period of time to make it your own.

** This is a chart created with my know-how.


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