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The peak is when everyone says it’s a bull market for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by readCrypto

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The reason why I explain the USDT, USDC , BTC .D, USDT.D chart first is that it is judged that the price change of coins (tokens) can be predicted to some extent if the overall money flow of the coin market is known.

(USDT chart)

If it rises above 68.468B, there is a possibility that the coin market will start a bull market.

( USDC 1D chart)

If it rises above 47.374B, there is a possibility that the coin market will start a bull market.

Funds coming in through USDT and USDC are insufficient.

As a result, the flow of funds does not appear to be very smooth.

( BTC .D 1W chart)

The key is whether it can fall after receiving resistance in the 43.75-45.68 section.

Otherwise, if it rises above 45.68, there is a possibility that a strange market will be formed where only BTC rises, or the coin market will show a major decline.

The rise in BTC dominance means that money is concentrating towards BTC .

Therefore, it is likely that BTC will dominate the coin market.

With BTC dominance, you can only tell whether funds are concentrated towards BTC or altcoins, but cannot predict the movement of BTC price.

The next volatility period is around March 30th.

(USDT.D 1D chart)

During the volatility period of January 23rd-25th, we need to make sure it stays below 6.90.



( BTCUSDT 1W chart)

Volatility is likely around the week that includes January 30th.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep a close eye on movements during this period of volatility .

In order to maintain the mid- to long-term uptrend, the price must be maintained above 20050.02.

However, in order to continue the mid- to long-term upward trend, the price must rise above the HA-High indicator to maintain the price.

Therefore, you need to shake it up and down to create an HA-High indicator.

This kind of movement will definitely come out, so you have to think about how to respond to it.

If it rises higher, it is expected that the wiggle mentioned above will start by touching the M-Signal on the 1M chart.

From a mid- to long-term perspective, we have yet to create a proper uptrend.

(1D chart)

It is rising, breaking the previous high.

The key is whether it can rise above 23949.03 and get support.

If it rises above 24K, the section expected to create a high, it is expected to end this uptrend by touching the M-Signal on the 1M chart and falling.

I can say this because of the flow of funds I mentioned at the beginning.

Since it is judged that funds are not smooth, an excessive rise in BTC will lead to a decrease in the price of the entire coin market, that is, altcoins.

This is because it will form an ambiguous market in which BTC alone rises, which is ambiguous to say it is an upward trend.

From a short-term investment perspective, I think you need a strategy to cut short and get profits when it soars.

Profiting by cutting short does not mean profiting by selling 100% when it rises.

From a mid- to long-term investment perspective, I think it’s time to prepare for the next bull market.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of coins (tokens) that are in the process of short-term investment and to secure cash.

Otherwise, if the coin (token) that you are making a short-term investment suddenly plummets and you cannot recover your funds, you will lose a good opportunity to profit from the big bull market in the future.

It doesn’t matter what kind of trading you do, as long as you can respond quickly in short-term trading by planning it according to your investment style and trading strategy.

However, if you feel that trading hours are vague due to your livelihood, or if you are still inexperienced in short-term trading, you should build up the funds to buy in the upcoming downturn.

The most basic trading strategy for trading is to buy when falling and sell when rising.

It is important to keep this in mind and trade according to your own trading strategy.

In the trading strategy mentioned above, split selling and stop loss have different meanings and the trading method itself is different.

It will be a transaction that you will regret even if you make a profit when trading with the stop-loss method in which you set the investment portion in the way of split selling and sell it all at once.

I think the meaning of shaking it will start after at least -10% decline.

If not, it’s just walking sideways.

So, nothing has started shaking itself yet.

It seems that there are some people who do not understand this well and think that shaking in a short section is a sideways movement.

The market always tends to deviate from our predictions and prevent us from responding.

Therefore, remember that the current uptrend is the time to sell, not the time to buy more.


– big picture

A full-fledged uptrend is expected to start when it rises above 29K .

This is the 81K-95K range that we expect to touch in the next bull market.

————————————————– ——————————————-

** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** If you share this chart, you can use the indicators normally.

** The MRHAB-T indicator includes indicators that indicate points of support and resistance .

** Check the formulas for the MS-Signal, HA-Low, and HA-High indicators at (…).

** HA SRRC indicators are displayed as StochRSI (line), RSI (columns), and CCI (bgcolor).

** The CCI indicator is displayed in the overbought section ( CCI > +100) and oversold section ( CCI < -100).

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profit or loss can be preserved or additional entry can be made by split trading. This is a short-term investment perspective.)


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