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Odd Assortment Of New 52-Week Highs: World Wrestling Entertainment, J&J Snack Foods And Ulta Beauty

It would be hard to find these stocks on the “recommended” list of too many prestigious Wall Street investment firms. These are not as widely followed — or cared about — as Apple
, Microsoft
or Amazon
, not by a long shot. Nonetheless, despite the lack of high-powered analyst interest, here they are making new highs anyway.

World Wresting Entertainment, J&J Snack Foods and Ulta Beauty
Inc are having a great year if you go by stock price increase. They don’t quite fit under the category “consumer staples” but they seem to trading as if they do. These are more along the lines of “consumer discretionary” but the category designations don’t matter even with inflation and recession on consumer minds.

World Wrestling Entertainment

(NYSE: WWE) calls itself “an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment.” From headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, the company provides “wrestling” shows on a number of platforms.

The stock trades with a price-earnings ratio of 32, higher than the Standard & Poor’s p/e of 20.53. Earnings per share this year are up 33.50% and the past 5-year EPS growth rate is 36.80%. Average daily volume is a relatively low 670,000 shares. The company pays a .59% dividend. Market capitalization is $5.95 billion.

It’s always nice to be trading above both your up trending 50-day moving average (the blue line) and your up trending 200-day moving average (the red line.) Many well-known big tech and social media stocks would love to have a chart pattern that looks like this, but they don’t.

J&J Snack Foods Corp (NASDAQ
: JJSF) is the nationwide distributor of Super Pretzel and Icee as well as Luigi’s Real Italian Ice and The Funnel Cake Factory Funnel Cakes. Based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, the company serves supermarkets from its 4200 locations.

With a market capitalization of $3.1 billion, J&J Snack Foods is trading with a very high price-earnings ratio: 66. This year’s earnings per share increased by 2025. The earnings growth over the past 5 years comes in at -6.40%. Investors receive a dividend of 1.72%.

The stock hit the higher high, sold off and then buyers came back in again. It’s good to be trading above those 2 significant moving averages.

ULTA Beauty Inc (NASDAQ: ULTA) sells beauty products, on-line and in stores around the country. The company is black-owned, founded by sisters Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra and Christiana Grammer and has headquarters in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Earnings per share this year are up by 478%. The EPS gain over the past 5 years is 22.50%. The stock trades with a price-earnings ratio of 21, in line with the stock market as a whole. The company has no long-term debt on the books. No dividend is paid. Average daily volume is 766,000 shares.

The stock hit the new high and then a few sellers showed up to take profits. It’s bullish from a price chart analysis viewpoint that the 50-day moving average and the 200-day moving average are both trending upward.

Not investment advice. For educational purposes only.

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