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Not breaking 22487.41 means… for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by readCrypto

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The reason why I explain the USDT, USDC , BTC .D, USDT.D chart first is that it is judged that the price change of coins (tokens) can be predicted to some extent if the overall money flow of the coin market is known.

(USDT chart)

If it rises above 68.468B, there is a possibility that the coin market will start a bull market.

You are making unusual movements.

( USDC 1D chart)

If it rises above 47.374B, there is a possibility that the coin market will start a bull market.

( BTC .D 1W chart)

The key is whether it can decline after receiving resistance in the 43.75-45.68 section.

If so, I expect the uptrend to be extended until a decline near 39.56-40.44.

Otherwise, if it rises above 45.68, there is a possibility that a strange market will be formed where only BTC rises, or the coin market will show a large decline.

The next volatility period is around February 13th.

(USDT.D 1D chart)

It needs a fine to keep it below 6.90.

A rise in USDT dominance means a fall in the coin market.



( BTCUSDT 1W chart)

As this week’s candlestick closes with a lower candlestick , the question is whether the HA-High indicator can decline.

It has risen above 20862.47, that is, above HA-Low and above MS-Signal, and is in a state of transition to a mid- to long-term uptrend.

However, in order to continue the mid- to long-term upward trend, it must rise above HA-High , so HA-High must fall.

This pattern is a pull back pattern.

At this time, the important thing is that you should see support around 20862.47.

Funds enter the coin market through USDT, and as BTC declines, the price of all altcoins drops sharply.

This phenomenon may be natural.

This is because BTC exerts a great influence on the coin market enough to be called the key currency of the coin market.

Therefore, now is the time to boost the BTC price and revitalize the coin market.

For that to happen, a rise in BTC price is desperately needed.

It takes a lot of money for BTC price to rise.

The drop in the price of the altcoin will be seen even more because the funds will eventually lead to a sell-off of the altcoin.

(1D chart)

If it does not fall below 22487.41, nothing happens.

Even if it falls below 22487.41, if there is support around 21023.14-21853.06, this again, nothing happens.

There is only forced liquidation of high-sequence futures trading.

This is not surprising as the move was somewhat predictable for the price decline of altcoins.

The current movement is only sideways because we believe that the BTC price will start to shake only when it closes with a drop of -10% or more.

In this sidewalk, “Oh! It’s dangerous!” When you start to think that, when you show support, then it will be the low point of the pull back.

As long as it does not fall below the downtrend line (1), I think it is a move to turn the mid- to long-term trend into an uptrend.

Therefore, from a mid-term and long-term investment perspective, the shake-up starts quickly and you start to get the opportunity to buy.

Buying at this time must be held until next year, so it is absolutely necessary to adjust the investment proportion.


– big picture

A full-fledged uptrend is expected to start when it rises above 29K .

This is the 81K-95K range that we expect to touch in the next bull market.

————————————————– ——————————————-

** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** If you share this chart, you can use the indicators normally.

** The MRHAB-T indicator includes indicators that indicate points of support and resistance .

** Check the formulas for the MS-Signal, HA-Low, and HA-High indicators at (…).

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profit or loss can be preserved or additional entry can be made by split trading. This is a short-term investment perspective.)


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