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BTC/USD – 15m – Swing Trading Analysis published on 10/05/2022 for FTX:BTCPERP by MoonrakerCrypto

Moon to Earth … BREAKING NEWS: I developed a brand new technical indicator for Swing Trading !!! It’s called Swing Trading Indicator “STI”.
From NOW ON I will post lots of analysis and updates … so pls follow and pls check back frequently …

It’s Cosmo 😃 again, so let’s get started: Summary of the Analysis for BTC /USD (15 Minutes time frame)

Trends: Short Term – Bearish & Long Term – Bearish

Crypto Screener™ – 1 week frame – (by TradingView) Rating: SELL

Technical Indicators – 1 week frame – (by TradingView & intotheblock): SELL

– Summary: 11 Bearish ; 10 Neutral & 3 Bullish –> SELL

– Oscillators: 0 Bearish ; 9 Neutral & 2 Bullish –> BUY

– Moving Averages: 11 Bearish ; 1 Neutral & 1 Bullish –> STRONG SELL

AI (Artificial Intelligence) by CENTRALCHARTS: SELL

Multi Timeframe Analysis:

– 1h (1 hour frame): positive

– 4h (4 hours frame): neutral

– D (1 day frame): negative

– 7d (last 7 days): negative

My Opinion: SELL – Bearisch under USD 22,812

Support @ USD 18,432

Signal Force (0-10): 8 = strong force

Pls like and follow for updates and more analysis using this awesome Swing Trading Indicator (“STI”) for 15m and higher Charts with Alerts for Long, Short, Stop Loss/ Take Profit Levels and Trend Changes.


– Wait for New Up or Down Trend. You may set two alerts accordingly (Alerts: “STI”, New Up Trend or New Down Trend, Once Per Bar Close, Open-ended if you have TV premium).

– Do NOT enter any trade yet!

– In Up Trend wait for Down Crossover of Price with Signal Line I for Long Trade (Alert: Underlying, Crossing Down, “STI”, Signal Line I, Once Per Bar, Open-ended if you have TV premium), or

– In Down Trend wait for Up Crossover of Price with Signal Line II for Short Trade (Alert: Underlying, Crossing Up, “STI”, Signal Line II, Once Per Bar, Open-ended if you have TV premium).

– Set Stop Loss for Trade at Stop Loss Line I for Long Position or at Stop Loss Line II for Short Position. IMPORTANT: This must be done at Trade Inception or at least use Line Values from the Time you entered the Trade (as the Lines are repainting)!

– Set Take Profit at two Times the Risk.

– Wait for Price to hit either Take Profit, Stop Loss, OR occurrence of a Trend Change (Alert: “STI”, Trend Change, Once Per Bar Close, Open-ended if you have TV premium). Close Trade.

– If your Trade hit Take Profit you may wait for the next crossing of Price with the applicable Signal Line and enter a new Trade.

NOTE: The Risk of Trend Exhaustion increases over time and a Trend Reversal will be more likely the longer the current Trend persists. Please use appropriate Risk Management and Trade Size to avoid any bigger losses.

Enjoy !!!

Not Financial Advice … Use at Own Risk.

If you have any questions, contact MoonrakerCrypto.

Thanks and happy trading everyone!

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