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Bitcoin : Future Of Financial System for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by Cryptorganism

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– What Is Next IMO : if you dont have much time , you are welcome to read this : After FED’s tapering there would not be anything that would be first time in this cycle . Plus , if you want to enter deflationary period history shows us that you need to be in recession . we are going to see crash and than unbelievable money entry to blockchain category . In a bad case , we can see bear season like in 2000-2003 and 2007 – 2009 but this bad case doesnt fit on my mind because world communication system , media and more is like light speed so everything happens very fast .

– Why blockchain ? Because fed’s policies doesnt work in a global world , system need to be global if you want to apply policy . Blockchain opens new way of financial system , works , community and more and more . Its the next invention after web , so try to learn and research more rather than price discovery and everything would be better .

Now I want to change style and write it like article .

FED’s speeches and steps directly effects investors behaviors . ” No one can beat market ” and market is us . So everyone talking about recession and FED act like alpha so that is the main point . So lets see what this charts says us

– I didn’t found direct relationship between prime loan rate and US dollar currency index but if you understand investors behaviors . On both timeframe (2015-2022) investors act cautious while interest rates up . Watching the market is the best thing when there arent high probability .

DXY is best indicator of market you need to watch it to understand what $$$ is doingg and than you need to find where is it going . So focus on DXY BTC and you can understand where are we on macro term .

Keep In Mind ❗ If you like this idea and want to trade for that you need to understand key points , if you don’t ask on comments . On every chart invalidation and activation points are essential without them you can create 1000 scenarios and just watch .

Personal Point Of View ❗ My current look on markets are bearish but market makers loves to feel you stupid every time so I’m preparing bullish scenarios also to have flexibility .

Important ❗ Please Use RM (Risk Management) and MM (Money Management) If You Decide To Use My Ideas, There Will Always Be Unprofitable Ideas, This Will Definitely Happen, The Goal Of The System Is That There Will Be More Profitable Ideas At A Distance.

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