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Bank Collapse Doesn’t Change the Narrative. BTC to $0 by May 1. for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by USDOLLARISKING

Bitcoin bulls are once again rejoicing in their party of hopium, all because they fell for the narrative that the Federal Reserve will reverse raising interest rates and switch to quantative easing. The collapse of the three banks recently and the recent CPI data release did literally nothing to scare the intelligent investors like me who will continue to stick with the wise strategy of holding all cash positions until at least 2031. (See previous analysis about the projected trend of M2 money supply and how the US Dollar will start its journey to become the most deflationary asset on the globe:


I once again reiterate my warnings to the stubborn bulls that are still overly bullish after nearly a year and a half of crypto demise is still not enough to convince them to abandon such useless speculative internet money. Bitcoin will crash to zero after this final fake out by May 1st, 2023 or earlier. Don’t be fooled by the recent dip of the US dollar , as the real supercycle bull market for DXY has not even begun yet.

I know that for my loyal followers, these bullets will be a copypasta. But these trading strategies will still be the best gift that I can offer, for those intelligent investors who agree with the narrative of truth:

1. Sell ALL your Bitcoin . Not just that, whatever crap crypto you still have, convert it all back to fiat. Dump all your stocks, even the so-called “low risk dividend yielding ones” because NONE of the, will survive the imminent 99% market crash and recession that will stretch from today all the way to 2031 If you have money in 401k, take it out and eat the penalty. It will be worth it because the loss from your penalty and taxes won’t matter compared to you losing 99% of your portfolio.

2. Convert EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVERYTHING into US Dollars. Just take a look at the US Dollar Index . Also feel free to check out my DXY bullish analysis. The US Dollar is the ONLY thing I will be bullish for all the way to 2031, in which I anticipate the DXY going above 1000.00. If I were you, I would even sell my house and live in a van for the next 8 years since your real estate property will also become worthless. Hold cash because US Dollar is king.

3. The US dollar will be the REAL hedge against inflation , and with more interest rate hikes and balance sheet reductions, will see its purchasing power skyrocket back to its 1913 highs by the end of the decade. In 2031, while bitcoin /stock investors are living in card board boxes , I will be enjoying my 5 cents a can of coke while laughing at you from the penthouse apartment that only cost me $100 a month.

4. Don’t give me that BS about “well I’ll just dollar cost average” or “bull market will make you money but bear money will make you rich”. Tell that to those who invested in Lehman Brothers or Bitconnect, Terra Luna that “time” was on their side.

You are welcome.

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