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Boosting Florida’s Economic Growth Wave With “LatinTech” Founders

Florida has long been a hub of economic activity and innovation. With its diverse population and thriving tech ecosystem, the Sunshine State is primed for continued economic growth, especially in the technology sector. One critical catalyst for this growth is the establishment of the LatinTech Accelerator, a revolutionary new program built exclusively for Latino tech entrepreneurs in Florida. If Latinx-owned businesses grow at the same rate as the U.S. average, they could add $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy.

The Breakdown You Need To Know:Latinos are the second-largest racial and ethnic group in Florida at 26% of the population, meaning the significance of Latinx-owned businesses in driving economic growth across the state cannot be understated. The Stanford Graduate School of Business reveals that Latinos start more businesses per capita than any other racial group in the U.S.

Enter Latinx tech accelerators. These organizations play a vital role in bridging the funding gap for Latinx founders. They provide early-stage financing to Latinx-owned businesses, helping them grow and make a significant impact on the economy. Florida’s LatinTech Accelerator in partnership with Tampa Bay Latin Chamber of Commerce and Tampa Bay Wave, is intricately designed to understand, honor, and leverage the cultural, social, and economic context in which latino entrepreneurs operate.

“Our program is intricately designed to understand, honor, and leverage the cultural, social, and economic context in which latino entrepreneurs operate. By fostering a network of Latino innovators, investors, and mentors, said Cesar Hernandez, Chairman of the Tampa Bay Latin Chamber of Commerce to CultureBanx.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Opportunity:

Funding discrepancies, coupled with the increasing growth rate of Latinx-owned businesses, paints a promising picture of untapped potential. Revenue estimates from Latina-owned businesses is close to $78.7 billion, according to The National Women’s Business Council.

“The LatinTech Accelerator will empower entrepreneurs, foster innovation and grow diverse leadership within the tech industry. This “first in the country” accelerator will be a model for America where Hispanic entrepreneurs are underrepresented in tech, but often lead in “start ups” and new businesses,” said Florida Congresswoman Kathy Castor to CultureBanx.

For many Latinx founders, securing venture capital is a significant challenge. When Latino entrepreneurs start a business, 70% of their funding comes from personal savings, according to a study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Only a meager 6% comes from commercial loans.

This isn’t just about economic numbers though; it’s about amplifying the pulse of Latino innovation, creating a ripple effect of opportunity, growth, and community transformation that will echo through generations. Hernandez said “by the end of the 4-month program, we aim to have propelled our initial cohort to position them closer to becoming Billion dollar companies, so they may generate jobs and infuse the economy with fresh momentum.”

What’s Next:

As Florida continues to grow as a tech hub, the role of Latinx tech accelerators will undoubtedly become even more critical. There’s still time to get in on the LatinTech Accelerator program that kicks off on November 13th.

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