Mother’s Day: Working moms contributing their bit to make the world a better place

Mother’s Day is commemorated on various dates in different nations. Mother’s Day is observed by UK people on the fourth Sunday of March, remembering the remembrance of Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday. It is observed on February 2 in Greece, and is linked to the Eastern Orthodox commemoration of Jesus Christ’s presentation in the temple. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May in India. This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 8th. It is the auspicious occasion where mothers across the globe are celebrated and the love, care, and compassion that they impart all year long is only tried to be reciprocated.

As countless mothers today are celebrated, showered with flowers, brunches and cards, talked with a select number of mothers from the diamond city who had quite a telling story.

Thirty-year-old Sakshi is a computer science graduate. Sakshi has taught in Gujarat’s famous Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology as well as many other educational institutions. Due to her interest in management, she has also earned an MBA degree in Human Resource Management (HR). Sakshi’s family life was going very well when Corona wreaked havoc in the world. When everyone was locked in their homes, Sakshi had a burning desire within her to do something. She listened to her conscience and felt a lack of satisfaction in life. To overcome that feeling of emptiness, she had a detailed discussion in her house regarding work. After that she took a bold decision to turn her passion of ‘Storytelling’ into her profession. She is now the mother of a 21-day-old toddler, and in addition to being the Managing Director of an online reputation management company, where she pursues her storytelling passion, her daily life has become a telling story in and of itself. Sakshi works across a range of different sectors, providing a customised service to each and every one of her clients, thus enhancing their brand’s performance. Starting on a small scale, it is surprising that in less than a year, this company has served more than 100 people in building their brand. Today, big celebrities, film stars, politicians, businessmen, public figures, and other important personalities are on Sakshi Pokharna’s client list. Sakshi’s company has even helped ordinary people to build their “Brand Value” in the digital world, and this work is in continuous progress. With her dedication, perseverance, and creativity, Sakshi, who started from scratch, has certainly achieved many milestones along her professional journey. Sakshi Pokharna is an excellent resource if you want to learn to turn a global challenge like Corona into an opportunity by listening to your inner voice.

 Cherishing the slogan “Only a healthy mother can create a healthy society”, the National Woman Chairman of the Anticrime Human Council, Ritu Rathi, aims to reach as many women as possible with her free health checkup campaign.

Ritu Rathi, a Surat-based leading social activist, founder of a non-profit ‘Ek Soch’, and a mother of two, is organizing a free health checkup drive for pregnant women and mothers on Mother’s Day. Cherishing the slogan “Only a healthy mother can create a healthy society”, the National Woman Chairman of the Anticrime Human Council, Ritu Rathi, aims to reach as many women as possible with her free health checkup campaign. Apart from this, the non-profit organization organized countless grassroot drives, distributing food and essential items to the underprivileged during the peak wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing smiles among the underprivileged. The organization has been appreciated by multiple platforms for its outstanding dedication and service to the nation in its fight against the deadly virus. Ritu also provides employment to underprivileged women and takes on their marriage responsibilities simultaneously if needed.

The “Wonder Woman for the Unprivileged” felicitated activist-mother donated a mechanized sanitizing machine to the Surat Municipal Corporation, which was proven to be a blessing to the entire area. The all-rounder activist believes that education is the only way to reduce child labor and that children deserve books, not labor boots. Among other non-profit organizations, Ek Soch adopted around 100 malnourished girls from different Anganwadi centers in Surat, aiming to take care of the children’s diet and other requirements. In a heart-warming gesture, Rathi took 54 autistic children for a picnic to Dumas beach. “En route to Dumas, one of the girls broke into tears, hugged me, and said how happy she was to visit the beach for the first time in her entire life,” shared Ritu.

The conscientious woman inspiring many believes that the strength of a woman lies in empowering another. Giving her contribution to the nationwide monumental occasion ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mohotsav’ celebrating India’s 75th Anniversary of Independence, Ritu is conducting the phenomenal health check-ups. The free health checkups will be under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s overarching scheme for holistic nutrition, or POSHAN Abhiyan. This Mother’s Day, Rathi wants to equip as many women as possible under the government’s flagship program to improve nutritional outcomes for pregnant women and mothers. Among the many health checkups conducted by well-qualified doctors, some are cancer screening tests, hemoglobin tests, dental checkups, and basic health checkups.

Thus, as the nation explodes in flowery sentimentality for mothers, Ritu Rathi will be contributing her bit to make the world a better place.

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