Careers path one can pursue with a Global MBA in 2022

– By Apurva Desai

MBAs are still very much in demand in the corporate world. While some may disagree post the pandemic times, the skills that MBAs bring are a differentiating factor in today’s times. 

Though companies are still dealing with the now cliched term used, ‘VUCA’ world, along with the pandemic pressures, they require management graduates for a lot of their critical business operations. 

We live in uncertain times. Hence it is imperative that today’s MBAs are culturally agile and adaptable and can deliver value from day 1. Corporates are looking for such MBAs who hit the ground running. There has never been more need than in today’s times to look for MBAs who trained to handle crisis, do quick and efficient decision making, lead teams and so on and so forth. 

A Global MBA obviously helps develop global perspectives, broaden one’s horizons in terms of learning what best practices are deployed across the globe, helps one understand cultural sensitivities. A typical Global MBA program is designed and curated keeping in mind the ground realities of the real world with a curriculum that is relevant and helps the students to do strategic thinking in today’s times. A program where diverse group of people get together, ideate on various macro and micro economic variables, logically derive, and propose solutions that are feasible and viable is what the beauty of a Global MBA program is. 

Students can choose roles offered by multinational corporations or choose to work for India based companies with international clients. There are also various leadership programs which allows the Global MBA participants to work in India as well as abroad in terms of stints for a few months. These programs are immensely useful for MBA students who wish to have best of both the worlds. 

At S P Jain Global too, we have a Global MBA program which is unique in nature – students go to study in three leading geographies of the world. As we pride ourselves on being a pioneer in delivering global education, more and more schools around the world recognize the importance of their students having a global mindset and acknowledge their aspirations of becoming global leaders. 

New age firms require talent that is well honed, well exposed to different geographies of the world. Because they have stakeholders across the globe, they need resources for the most sought after client facing roles in their organizations. Someone who has been groomed, attuned to how global businesses work would be an ideal candidate for these organizations. 

The other aspect of doing an Global MBA is get to international salaries and faster growth prospects. MBA aspirants obviously look to get a better ROI while completing a Global MBA program – both in terms of career trajectory and monetarily. A Global MBA program gives an edge over regional/local MBA programs in terms of opportunities presented.

Business schools which have dedicated career services teams in international geographies score highly in today’s times in terms of student satisfaction levels. At S P Jain Global, with campuses in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai, our corporate relations teams in these geographies not only the students get those international jobs but also guide them in terms of their overall profiles, introduce them to the alumni network, mentor them on career planning. 

Networking also plays a huge part in a Global MBA program for the students to engage with larger business networks, work for organizations that they wouldn’t have heard of earlier.

The author is director, corporate relations at SP Jain School of Global Management.

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