Rize ETF launches pet care and emerging market digitisation products

The former, which provides exposure to digital consumers in emerging markets, will have its individual country exposures capped at 25%. It aims to benefit from increasing disposable incomes, urbanisation and favourable demographics across emerging markets as the adoption of digital devices becomes more widespread. Listed as EMRP (GBP) on the LSE, it marks Rize’s first regional thematic ETF in its suite of products.

Rize ETF unveils fund targeting ‘structural transition’ towards cashless economy

Stuart Forbes, co-founder and director at Rize ETF, said the world is looking at “two converging but mutually reinforcing megatrends: the internet as an incubator for technological innovation and e-commerce as a catalyst for behavioural change”.

“We believe our new ETF is aptly positioned to capture the seminal opportunity,” he explained. “At the same time, we recognise that investing in emerging markets does not come without risk. As such, our ETF does two things. Firstly, it integrates our standard ESG screening to avoid exposure to the bad corporate citizens.

“Secondly, it limits any single country exposure to 25% – ensuring the strategy never defaults to a proxy China fund – something that continues to plague many emerging market funds.”

Meanwhile, the Rize Pet Care UCITS ETF, which will list as PAWZ (GBP) in London, aims to benefit from the increase in ownership and humanisation of pets – a trend that accelerated during the pandemic. According to Rize’s research, pet ownership is expected to increase globally by 14% over the next decade, with owners forecast to spend increasingly more on their animals.

Fellow Rize ETF co-founder and director Rahul Bhushan said that in the past 20 years, pets have “gone from sleeping in our backyards to sleeping in our beds”.

“Many single-person households, unmarried and childless families are increasingly adopting pets, while the growth of our ageing population has also led to a greater number of furry companions.

“Finally, our flexible lifestyles, and the rise of working from home, has meant pet adoption has suddenly become a lot easier. For pet care companies, this has meant big business.”

The ETFs will become part of the firm’s ‘future first’ thematic line up. Rize ETF currently has six further thematic ETFs, which provide exposure to megatrends including medical cannabis and life sciences, education tech and digital learning, and a more sustainable future for food.

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