IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 25, 2023

Question Answer good morning all. Shimmering Veil great tune for a Monday. A while back there was a mention of a site with weekly economic reports I missed it due to golf. Could you reference that again, please? aloha,mike GM Mike! Sure, under the “News” in our main navigation bar, the Econoday calendar is here — Good morning IBDLive! live answered Loved the chart of FTD’s after a correction call. Very encouraging for keeping watch lists cleaned up and ready. Thanks to Eric Krull for that effort. It was a great presentation! Others who missed it can view the slides in the archive — Go Browns! Go Browns! Nice win for Cleveland, a relief after a tough loss to Pittsburgh. Hatman: That’s the spririt = You have the right hat on I got my A game! Is Scott interested in Li Auto this morning on the pullback? Thanks live answered Scott is back on Monday! No second prep on Tuesday! Woohoo. He and Harold are switching this week! Good morning! I get to listen in before I go on my honeymoon! Congratulations! Good monring IBD Live….. Buenos dias!! GM Alberto and Buenos Dias! Thing is Put/Call Equity ratio doesn’t seem to be indicating any fear….. live answered Good Morning to everyone GM Joseph! Thank you for joining us! Is Ford a short candidate? That’s a tricky one. It’s fallen a lot from 15. Feels like Ford will be in a wide range for a while. A short now would depend on some poor quarterly results to work, IMHO. But you could use the 50-day MA as a stop-loss level? — Good morning…happy Monday everyone! GM Kevin! Can you comment on the psychological indicators that so far do not indicate extreme fear ? live answered Good Morning! Buy sell or hold UUUU here on the brekout? This one is acting well for sure, trying to surpass resistance at 8. Price-vol action in recent days looks positive to me. COR…. previously known as AmeriSourceBergen Did not know that! Thank you! LI – looks like being a Chinese company is finally catching up to them as well – Chinese auto stocks had seemed immune. LI seemed immune because it was selling out w/o price cuts. An insurance subsidy a few weeks ago was the first shift. Now I’m seeing some reports *not confirmed* that Li is offering some decent discounts (at least on some models) amid growing
competition in that premium SUV space. GM, curious, what is your routine before the market opens. You’ll seem to be checking things 🙂 A while back, several years ago, Ed and I did a webinar on that topic. Good Morning IBD Live!!! Hey Ken!!! GM All! GM David! So ….. what should we be shorting?? live answered David: Where is your Ryder Cup cap? Ha! Thanks for the reminder, Ken. I’m reluctant to add more golf caps now, so many in the personal inventory… good morning. Gold futures below key moving averages and the MAs are in bearish alignment. GLD similar look. having said that, gold futures been showing RS lately and now 3 weeks tight in place. usdyen is strong and gold stocks show no signs
of life. mixed signals. i know its not a stock but what are your thoughts? i have no position and i acknowledge that your answer is not advice. thank you. Hi Ty, thanks for the excellent Q. Gold still remains in a trading range. Not a breakout yet. The monthly chart of GLD is really instructive, IMHO. The commodities market helped boost GLD to a nearly 5-fold gain from early 2005 to 2011; since
then, gold has been in a such a long digestion phase. So it could make another big move, if for instance the Fed pivots and cut rates and the dollar falls, but I think gold is still typically a long-run play. Cheers, DSC RE: Your watch list – is there one stock that looks the best to you ? Right now, looking at the IBD Live Watchlist, OII and CCJ among the leaders to watch. I’m not sure if I’m going to actively trading these names. Going to continue to keep names such as NVDA, TSLA, ONON, NXT, META high on the personal watchlist. In 1996 the maximum S&P Draw Down was -7.6%. Its total return was +23%. In 2006 the maimum S&P Draw Down was 7.7%. Its total return was +15.8%. 2023 YTD Drawn Down -7.8% Total Return 14%. Good points Peter. Quite possibly we could have a Santa rally indeed to repeat this nice performance… Atleast sell some of a good gain once stock is 10% off recent high seems like a good idea Agree. TBT up 4% with 1000% volume – what else do you need to know? Jump in and enjoy the ride up Nice move in the past two days indeed. Shorts doing really well, and its been easier to get it thats for sure, seems like lower risk as well live answered any news on LI?? I’ve seen some unconfirmed chatter that Li is having to offer some sizeable discounts. Until an insurance subsidy a few weeks ago, Li Auto was able to completely avoid the China EV price war while sales boomed. what does, “paint the tape” mean? The goal of painting the tape is to create the illusion of an increased interest in a stock to trick investors into buying shares, which would drive the price higher. The term originated in a bygone era when stock prices were largely transmitted
on a ticker tape. Ticker tapes were first used to print the financial details of trades sent via a telegraph. The name was derived by the mechanical sound from the printers that printed the narrow strip of paper that contained stock quotes.
Today, an electronic version of the ticker tape is used GM- can u discuss thoughts on shorting S&P500 or QQQ indexes at this juncture? thks! Feels like it’s too late to short S&P at this time, the weakness is too obvious? Perhaps a fresh test of resistance at the 50-day line could be a new entry. However, if the market bottoms out and has a strong follow-through, that would
be a signal of higher risk to short. Maybe keep reading the Big Picture to get a good feel for the general market too? thanks David. You bet CSCO – speaking of this stock, in a better market I’d be targeting that “SPLK discount” – not sure it’s going to claw back in this environment though. live answered OII +4.46% Vol +394% One of the best stocks in IBD Watchlist indeed. Scott’s URNM is up again to start. Is this a possible select to buy or add? live answered What are Scott thoughts on URNM and URNJ here? live answered Scott…. you’re so blasé!! you kill me!! Ha ha!! GM from Cape Cod Hey Phil; are you going to watch the Ryder Cup? I’m interested most in what that course in ITA looks like. AMZN NVDA looks good live answered Good morning HatMan…..!!! Thanks for the great input today Alberto! Scott. What are your thoughts on WFRD here? Last week’s sharp decline was clearly profit taking. Perhaps a test of the 10-week line coming? Scott would you consider doing the same trade with AMZN as you did with NVDA doesn’t move like NVDA, so why I prefer NVDA Ed – LI – thanks for the color – very helpful live answered Scott…. are you still in Uranium stocks?? Still a sector we should be considering?? I am in and holding on tight for now Scott, “Paint the Tape” still big End of Quarter event??? Not sure its as relevant a strategy like before all the algos started trading WSM working live answered Thoughts on a uranium play – URNM or URA? live answered um, do you mean X? Haha yes… still feels weird to say, but one day! “Thoughts on OLLI acting better” live answered No one told WSM we are in correction….. live answered I’ve got a hummingbird I call Fatso. After Fatso Ernest Borgnine’s character in From Here to Eternity. Total bully of the feeder. I put a second feeder around the corner of the house so the other birds could eat. They’re fascinating! could the group comment on a couple of stocks that are holding up well – ALSN, OLLI live answered I take it that Scott has sold all of his WFRD. Do not own this one Justin, That was a great podcast last week! The one point that was reminded to me again and again, is that the market and stocks is not a “all or none” game. Flexibility along side risk management is key. Totally agree! Thanks guys….now I’ll never liten to B.B. King’s classic Hummingbird without thinking of Scott LOL. I guess we should stop calling him Opie…and go with Hummingbird😉 🙂 FDX showing constructive action, blue dot, abv avg vol It’s our Stock of the Day. what is the canadian uranium that Scott is talking about? SRUUF Hello all! Could you please take a look at ABNB? What would be your exit strategy? It did have very good potential for an entry two weeks ago (cup with handle, volume, RS). However, it got hit pretty bad last week, so to speak, and with the
vacation season over… I wonder if it’s time to sell and move on? Given the market and it’s lost more than 13% from the top of the handle, I would be selling. GM to all, I can not zoom at IBD live settings, I called to find out how can I fix it, but was informed that its the best it can be, but STM show is sooo much better to see that settings, I really do not know what to do, my zoom setting is
fit ti wndow. Hi Gyan, I’m not sure what you mean by STM show — could you explain? how about $UNH guys? big boys hoovering up shares? live answered Your thoughts on UNH…..thanks live answered Scott, could you talk about your approach to allocation of portfolio? Are you a trader who is in more than 5 stocks at a time? 10 is my target max, usually 5-7 core ideas 3-5 pilot ideas. Doesn’t mean I have to have 10 but that is my process Scott, pray for patience. You have great ideas, just have to stick with them. 🙂 Can we look at UNH live answered is Charles on this week?? Charles Harris is scheduled to be on Friday! How about another LTL, FICO. It’s been doing great but where to get in if you missed it? FICO has a four-weeks tight and the 10-wk line is catching up,so there might be a place to add. It’s a nice defensive growth play in a bad market, but it’s a bad market. VERX looks better on the weekly, a little sloppy on the daily. Thoughts? Acting well. I wish the sales growth were stronger. RS line looking good as the rest of the market corrects. Also the red spike at the bottom of the base was actually a supporting week. Does Scott have Coal stock too? live answered Scott, I am confused. NVDA bounced $5 and you took some off, but now you just said that if it works you will always add. I have been taking some off early “to pay for the trade,” but that isn’t consistent with what you just said. NVDA was a “special” situation, I had a different midnset for it. But if I had followed my rules I’d have handled it better BKR – why doesn’t Pattern Rec show a base on Daily? Because it climbed above the left side high and then did not consolidate long enough to create a flat base. On the weekly it shows a five weeks tight. DELL…. forming a base? Perhaps. Looks like it should be showing a three-weeks tight. AMZN Gapped below the 10-week last week and closed below the low of the flat base. It’s a sell. Coal group looks good live answered What do you think of the action in PDD? It gave back an 11% gain from the breakout, which is a sell signal for me. Looks like it may form a flat base. Would be nice to see support at the 50-day. Any idea what is going on with CELH? It’s a bad market. CELH held up very well for a long time and finally cracked – a few days after ELF. Some concerns about consumer spending broadly going forward, along with market correction. Any thoughts on R = Ryder Systems Showing great Relative Strength. So could be a swing trade. But look at the monthly chart and zoom out. It’s underperformed the S&P since 1987. Scott…. good point on using 2 separate accounts. Thx 🙂 Shorting is TOUGH, but I’ve learned a lot from listening to David Ryan. Good insights from Scott, and his idea of setting some money aside and seeing how you do. You’ll never know until you try. live answered I love to listen to Scott! I learn a lot. 🙂 thanks You’re right, Justin. I whipped up a quiche as Scott was speaking. 🙂 how do we get notiable ticks on in industly grup list Most of them are from the Ready list. Alli. Great hair and makeup today! Aw thank you! How do you pull up the Ready List? Thanks live answered Justin’s spreadsheet is not yet showing on Live/faq Try refreshing in a few minutes and let us know if you’re still not seeing it! Sorry, Ali, but I’ve done that. Confirming it’s showing up on my end. Refresh when show is over, it should be there! It just showed up! OK great AKAM strong when the market was weak and not so much now!! Looking pretty good to me! Hatman – just got an alert that ONON fell below 200 day MA, The big consumer leaders – ONON/DECK/CELH/ELF have really crumbled. Pls put readylist link in this forum thnks We put the link in our email newsletter later in the day along with a link in the description next to each day’s archived episode at Scott, is LPG in action to buy today? I am already positioned but its a nice shakeout so far today whats the difference between the ready list vs the other list? Near a buy point? Ready list is basically a subset of the broader watchlist. Ready list includes stocks that are actionable/near buy point. What is the difference in character between the IBD Live watch and ready lists and the Leaders/Swingtrader lists? Justin, David and I maintain the IBD Live lists as well as the others. Usually stocks you find on either LB or ST will also be on the IBD Live lists. AMD finally made it down to the 200 day, anyone tempted? If trades tightly for a couple days it could be a good swing trade. what did Justin say about ONeil and factorign in cashflow please? live answered Justin — Cash Flow versus prior Calendar/Fiscal Year or current (years) live answered thoughts on QLYS trading tight on its 21 dma More tightness for a day or two would be great. Would be a swing trade for me if it pops given the market. what does the “blue dot” define on the RS rating? live answered Chris: BKR – I was referring to Feb to July period. Looks like it had a prior 20% uptrend. Should have been a consolidation. We are reegineering Pattern Rec with the goal to recognize these sorts of consolidations as well as the bases that appear within them. Used MS for several years, but thu Live I learned there’s a lot more there I didn’t know ! Love it!! Great show, thanks! Hummingbirds & Uranium!! Thanks, William! Does Scott have access to time machine? ELF, NVDA also this year Ha ha!! Ali – Booking? Just buy NVDA! LOL! Lol Ali…good job handling the wonderful fellas on the show! Haha thanks Sylvia — these guys are the best! Ali rocks as host Love my job! 🙂 mortg’s around 8% now live answered VRT looking ok. Good sign live answered I agree with Scott.The bear market of 2022 really never ended. Perhaps on 2024. 2023 has been a recovery and rebound move. Yeah, the Italy course should be interesting Dave. I can only imagine Mr Molinari will be fired up! Scott, yours appearances on the show are priceless! A real delight, you always have fresh points of view Great to hear Gabriel! any stock under 500,000 is too volatile Hee hee! Never have US Treasury Bonds had three straight years of negative returns. The return was negative in 2021 and 2022. Unless TLT rallies 11% from here to the end of this year, 2023 is going to be negative. Interesting. Good point about the Treasury market. COR best composit in that group live answered Nice call on VRT Scott live answered Thank you Newt Gingrich back in late 90’s Ha ha! But true. late 90s tax receipts exploded due to the bull market – not a sustainable budgetary mechanism! And we had peak Social Security surpluses.
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