IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For April 8, 2022

Could I please get Andrea Garcia link from 1-2 days ago- thx in advance Here you go: GM gang! Where can I find David Ryan 4 selling tips? I never know how to sell high momentum stocks like IPI. Thx! I believe many links to David’s video segments are on the Live faq page! Good morning Team. An ETF with an interesting chart is (DIG). It had a nice reversal in March on huge volume. It’s presenting a possible buy if it breaks a trendline. Looks more like an add-on spot than a place to start a new position. But no doubt that area remains very strong David,welcome back ! Hi Gangaram! Thanks much! GM! Tiger is Roaring at the Master. Go Tiger!!! Tiger rocks! Welcome Alex, loooking forward to hearing from you. Nice garden too. live answered Good Morning all ! GM Shokoor! GM All! Hey Brian! Love the golf video Thank you, Maruta! 🙂 GM IBD Live, let’s finish the week strong! Let’s do that!!! Nice swing Ali! You must have played a bunch! Thanks, David! Just played my first full round relatively recently, but grew up around the game. My dad and husband have been great coaches! GM. GM Golf, Swimming and Investing- Lots of things to learn. So much can go well and so much can go wrong! Yes indeed! Good Morning, Thoughts on MUand Google and the overall market. MU a laggard at this point, and the chip sector is struggling. GOOGL still forming a handle but that handle is deepening. Tech not in favor. Thoughts on OXY today. Potential aggressive add-on spot, but we’ll see! MSCI breaking 4 point fdown trend live answered Would you please compare coal stocks. METC is below 10wk, HCC, AMR live answered Good morning! Glad to have you back hatman Dave and august team GM Ron!! sure would be nice to be able to set trend line alerts in MS, any ETA on when this will be fixed? This weekend. They work on the weekly charts, although I know that not ideal. DSC!! Hey Miguel!! Ed’s ticker? EW Hi everyone. Great show. Alex and the team. Do you think Defense stocks are still a buy for next few months Thanks so much Rajiv! …and the rest is history! Great story Alex! Totally! Alex, Welcome, what an incredible story of your work ethic. live answered Do the industry groups on market smith update daily or at weekend end ?? The rank is updated weekly. Definitely updated by Saturday morning. Probably updates Friday evening, but I’m never searching for stocks then. Dave Great to see you back on Live. You were missed. Thanks much for that Leslie. upst? It’s been an avoid stock since the November earnings gap-down. This is a weak stock in a weak group. We’re focused primarily on cyclicals at this time. Great, thanks for the share Marc AXP? Working on a cup-with-handle base, but more strength elsewhere in the market. David Ryan’s Key Selling Strategies Great, will check that out CORT trig In the right area! But we view VRTX as the leader in the biotech industry group. It’s extended now though TBF comments? 4/5 wazs the day to get in — extended here Bought some SMPL yesterday. So far so good. Thoughts Yep, so far so good! RS line blue dot on the weekly and strong volume this week “Markets don’t bottom on a Friday.” I like that Russell REGN, another NH Superb breakout in a tricky market, eh, Leslie? ARCH Above Trendline live answered Does IBD share the live watch watchlist? We sure do! It’s linked next to each day’s archived episode at — look for the hyperlinked text that says “edited Q&A and two key stock lists” AVAV is higher. Quasi high tight flag characteristics live answered Thanks Ken for some clarification on when to take small profits. live answered Ali, Where can I find the Golf game? Hi! You can watch here 🙂 Hi Alex..i was in your first breakout session at the ibd level 4 in santa monica. still have the charts and ruler you passed out at the end…thank yoiu That’s awesome Bill! Concerned we are going to repeat 1973 and forward market outlook. live answered Ali= Do you still have Andrea Garcia link Yes! REGN, nice gap up as it continues its run past a buy zone! live answered LPLA trig live answered It continues to be all about energy & basic mats live answered CF +4% live answered Yo Ed…it is groundhog day…. CPE is up in the morning… like the sun rising in the east… Yep… David – please make Ed answer your question on his % equity invested – Last week he was fully invested. 25%. I was 40% about a week ago. EURN up another 4% after yesterdays stonking +11% 🙂 Wow! Nice move Greg. Extended quickly. Tankers / LNG still doing well live answered FPI is my most recent position, 5% of account great action today, nice buy Just a shout out to the person that noted STNG and the ongoing demands that will require moving oil around the world. I bought STNG and SST which are doing quite well. Thanks again to the gentleman for noting a stock that had not been on my watchlist but is proving to be good investment and a good sector to watch. Nice! ALex where do you review the total YTD market outlook changes? Go to Big Picture story, click on the General Market Indexes PDF to see many key YTD changes currently. ARCH It looks and feels as though it needs more time. live answered Which stocks Alex talked about He likes the aerospace group, currently holding ITA ARCH May need to weed out more weak holders. The first 5-minute bar worked again. BMY setting up? No. Acting well but greatly extended. When he says, ‘get off margin’ this must means to reduce your exposure to the market to be less than your Net Liquid Value…Is that a correct understanding? I know you just can’t flip a switch on a margin account.. If you’re equity exposure is greater than 100% of the dollar value of your portfolio, you’re on margin. To get off margin just sell until you’re at 100% or less. Alex : good to see you on IBD Live – I remember you leading the Pasadena Meetup – learned quite a bit Thanks for sharing that Marshall, Alex will appreciate that Thanks for inviting Alex. He has so much knowledge to offer. live answered Alex, what about DFEN in aerospace? He’s in ITA So size does matter, I know it! Indeed! Is GNK still a hold/buy? If so, why? Holding the 21-day which is good but heavy volume declines recently and many other stocks in transportation sector having a tough time. Watch the 21-day if you’re in it but be aware that the broader sector is weakening. Ken, you talked about BAP several week ago, I have BMO, not a fast mover but one I have a long term gain. Can you speak to foreign banks and how they should do in a rising rate environment Hey Darlene, I took my final profit in BAP on 3/30. Typically, a rising rate environment is good for backs because they can lend at a higher rate, while paying a lower interesr rate on savings, etc. But banks are lagging again due to worries about recession next year. Busy week of financial earnings reports next week! shoot I walked away for a minute, hope I didn’t miss RTX live answered another gap up in the 10yr note. Definitely hitting techs. hi how do you comment on FFTY action, looks on good support on weekly, what will happen to growth stocks more if Fed continue to hike or this is already priced in? A rising rate environment is not good for highly valued growth stocks. I would expect it to come under more pressure until the market sees the end of the tightening cycle. LOVE the real-life Bill O’Neil stories. live answered Great golf analogy! live answered love the golf story… clean slate live answered Alex, Thanks for sharing your Bill O’Neil stories! live answered MP – looking for a 21 dma bounce? Ken – whats your take on this? I locked in an 11% gain today. KTOS any thoughts? Other defense names look stronger — KTOS looks like it’s running into resistance at that downward-sloping 200-day KBR Weekly Chart continues to tighten. 8.5% above 10-wk line. I picked some up yesterday. Hope you’re well! When studying the 60 min. charts of stocks, it seems many have huge volume bars the last hour of the day. ANTM is a good example – is that when institutions are buying? Volume is biggest near the open and close. Many investors, big and small, use an order called market-on-close. Some want to make sure they get the closing price. Others may have a limit order that has not been filled and they want to make sure they either buy or sell the stock by the close. MP down to 21EMA, buy add here? Only if you get a bounce/reversal. If it closes below 21-day, looks like a place to shed shares. SWAV EARNINGS IN 11 DAYS IS THAT A CONCERN Definitely something to consider. Where do you see the up/down volume in Marketsmith? Weekly chart on the left, a few lines below the yield Can you repeat where I can find the up/down info? Weekly chart on the left, a few lines below the yield Where is the up/down vol found on the charts? Weekly chart on the left, a few lines below the yield how does alex find group rating so fast , not just the cuurent but the past? tnks. In MarketSmith, if you click on the group name in blue up top from a stock in the group, look at the bottom panel. You’ll see the current group rank, last week’s, three months ago and six months ago all in that bottom panel. Beautiful golf video, Ali. You make golfing seem so easy and fun just as the stock market. 🙂 Wow that’s so sweet of you! Thank you, Elizabeth. I definitely had a lot of fun making the video and am enjoying the sport 🙂 GNK? It’s pulled back to its buy point, as ocean-going shippers pull back. Not fun for those who bought the breakout. Will it find support at these levels? What do you think about HCC in comparison to ARCH and AMR? Very similar. ARCH is the more liquid name. But more funds are in HCC. HCC also has a better u/d volume ratio. But ARCH price action better today. HCC volume on pullback lighter. I think if HCC was up like ARCH, that’d be my potential choice. AMR doesn’t have as much of a pullback so extended. Can you repeat David Ryan’s twitter handle? ‘@dryan310 I’m confused, am I asking forbidden knowledge or doing something wrong? Every single person has had their question or is marked to be answered. Mine was ignored twice, let me know if I’m supposed to be asking in a specific format or way or something. Hi Matthew, not at all! We have 65 unanswered questions in the Q&A right now. The audience only sees the answered questions, not the many more unanswered questions in the queue. It is not our intention to ignore anyone. What’s your question? Alex referred to U/D volume history of going up and then David referred to article about U/D volume. Where is the history found and where is the article? Can’t find the article. Here’s the article, check it out! Alex referred to U/D volume history of going up and then David referred to article about U/D volume. Where is the history found and where is the article? Can’t find the article. Hi everyone- My mental capital is in negative territory big time. I wake up and feel like my anxiety is something I don’t want in my life. Would a value stock fund help me out right now- please suggest a good one – could be a s&p value etf. Lease help Hi Gerald, I’m sorry to hear this. If you are feeling out of sync with the market, maybe it’s time to move to the sidelines for a bit, do some studying of your trades as well as the rules and then get back in the market in a methodical way — go with low risk trades and lock in small gains. Once you start building that confidence back, you can start ramping up your exposure. This is something Irusha has spoken about. How about add on to TBT here? I got in this one on Tuesday — feels too extended here to me to be adding Thanks Ali, you rock! Happy to help! good morning. trying to decide whether to get into autozone.or orly? i bought a small position in orly yesterday Nicely done! I would not be buying today — Tuesday was the ideal early entry and yesterday before it got too extended above 700 would’ve been the spot to add. In high tight flag formation, where does the pole begin? at the pivot point? Check out this article for all the details: Oh, I’m sorry Alissa, I didn’t realize unanswered questions were in a queue lol. I just saw questions answered before and then after mine. Now I feel bad, Ed just answered my question. No worries at all! Cheers. Thanks but don’t see a link. Typing too fast! Just sent link. Here it is again LPLA hit the break out list today, extended. look at the EPS for 2022 and 2023. live answered Can Alex’s meetup in Pasadena be attended remotely, and if yes,how? Good question, I’ll ask. TECK? Overall uptrend very much intact but a great example of why we’ve been favoring pullback buys to breakouts Whattt?? Ken broke MP! 😂😂 oh please. Haha Thoughts on $PFE ? We like VRTX and LLY in the medical sector, but they are extended now Please comment about AOSL? Really nasty failure. Chips have just been crushed over the past week or two. Sold out of MP as well with about a 10% gain Nicely done! Hey Ken, on 4/06/2022 during the rapid fire round, you said buy for GNK after there were two distribution days. What is the conviction in the stock that made you confident? I want to continue to learn what to look for. It was a one-word answer lightning round. At the time, it was retesting a prior buy point. It still is, in fact. Not the leader in the group though. Yay Argentina! Great wine too! and meat! I have not been able to set trendlines in MarketSmith this week. Tried multiple times with different browsers. Are there issues with MS? Yes this is a bug that we’ve logged and the fix is going out over the weekend. In the meantime, I believe you can still set trend line alerts on weekly charts (I created a test one yesterday and it went off this morning) SHOP Tech/software not in favor. That resistance at the 50-day looks like it was a potential short opportunity on MP, would anyone buy a bounce off the 21-day? live answered ANET? Maybe this will end up being a handle, but that was an elevator-down sell-off on Wed. Ryan Dietrich is this the person you just mentioned? he’s from LPL Financial, yes. thoughts on kbr? Started small position yesterday ZIM any ideas on why the shippers are getting hammered? Well, “land” shippers are getting crushed. China Covid shutdowns, perhaps weakening consumer demand for discretionary spending…. Thoughts on EW? We looked at it earlier this week. WMT looks like a tech stock. Take profits , too late to get in? Yes, too late to get in unforutnately. Wait for another pullback Thoughts on AIR, looks pretty good to me. live answered AVAV 50 day below 200 day That’s true, but pls see the nice upward slope of the 50-day, a character change. The 10- and 21-day lines are ramping up fast! Ken – MP just crossed above 21 day live answered Is BRK.B a strong play in a part like this? Looks more like an add-on entry here unless you’re aggressive — could use smaller position and tight stop below the 21-day perhaps Pls review health care, strong sector, defensive: PFE, BMY, MRK; ABC, MCK, CAH; BDX, HSIC, BSX live answered SHEL trig live answered What about TWNK here? The uptrend is still nice and sweet SHEL (3wk tight), volume dry on weekly & breaking out. live answered SHEL anyone? live answered MP – is that chart in an uptrend or not? I guess it might be debatable. live answered Nervous on any oil play until the USO breaks its downward trend. Interesting point. Oil is cooling off some for sure. Ultra boring PG crossing DT Line in turtle fashion Basing for sure. Still a good dividend, right? 2.2% is OK AR? Looks like a hold Valero live answered OVV! live answered MOS and CF current action in Fertilizer stocks live answered Thanks Ali-that’s exactly my inclination. I would like to have some money at work any thoughts about a value etf in this market or just some stocks like p&g Perhaps I would go with a storage stock like EXR, which has the RS line blue dot on weekly. Better performance than PG and a higher yield. But still use proper buy/sell rules. LNG EPS rating of 1? Def a turnaround play; will it get a lot of future business in the LNG export market? That’s what the market is calculating. ali, how is sir charles harris? He’s joining us on April 29! Ed, when you say BYD will be selling more than TSLA, are you talking about in China, or TSLA’s sales worldwide? He was talking about China sales, I believe. ED note: I meant worldwide (though BYD’s sales are almost entirely in China). Ed, the symbol “BYDDF” implies its a pink sheet — not a “US listed equity”? Yeah, it’s over the counter in the U.S. It’s Hong Kong-listed. So, you’ll see lots of lil’ gaps in the stock chart. Fun fact – BYD might be the ONLY stock owned by both Warren Buffett and Cathie Wood. Ed doesnt seem to like BYD 🙂 Heh! I really like what it’s doing. Very refreshing to have an EV company just DO stuff. When it unveils a new model – it starts selling the model a few months later … in volume. Is it advisable to take 6-10% Profits during a choppy market? That is generally my strategy in markets like this, yes. Sorry, so doesn’t that imply it doesn’t have de-listing risk? No. There are a few Chinese companies that choose the OTC route, most notably Tencent (TCEHY). How come I can’t find BYDOF when I search the symbol? Is this what Ed was just talking about? BYDDF Those editorial meetings always seem to end IBD Live when David hosts 😆 Well, Daivd usually has a special guest, so those shows tend to run long – for good reason! I didn’t see the “Pasadena IBD meetup” via Google . . . I didn’t see the “Pasadena IBD meetup” via Google . . . pls type in Pasadena Meetup no IBD Thanks Alissa for answering my question. live answered Looking forward to the Miami Trading Summit tomorrow live answered Is there a list of meet up groups? MD? Would browse the meetup site. Connect with people on Twitter who might be able to point you in the right direction. If there’s not a local one, there are ones you can join virutally if interested live answered Masterful job today Dave, enjoyed Alex’s input and of course Ed and Ken are always great on point. Much appreciated, Helen! I see a meetup in the orlando area – meetup is a safe site I assume. THere are only 4 members in Orlando There are bigger ones in other areas that have virtual option I believe Thanks Ed, i was pulling your leg. I would be watching it. Appreciate everything that you do. live answered where is the Miami one? We have a trading summit this weekend : HWM is on the move. This is the stock David Ryan mentined few days ago Yeah, finding support. What is the guests twitter What is Alex’s website contact info? 👏 Excellent MollyVerse Meetup for Ukraine Relief 🇺🇦 live answered

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