Fighting voter fraud with technology: This data chief just raised about $0.25M to detect voter fraud in 2020 election by comparing absentee ballots and early voters with public death records | Tech News | Startups News

The United States is in disarray as a result of The November 3 election. As of writing, there is still no clear winner in the presidential election that took place three days ago. There were allegations of voter fraud from many people on social media.

Instead of complaining about the problem, one former Data Chief thinks he can solve the problem and bring the country together by using technology to investigate and detect voter fraud in a half-dozen of the so-called Battleground states across the nation. Matt Braynard is a former Data Chief and Strategist and the executive director of Look Ahead America.

Matt believes he can use technology to detect voter fraud by comparing absentee ballots and early voters to the Social Security Death Index and the National Change of Address Database. To achieve this feat, Braynard said he would need to raise up to $100,000 to purchase databases from data vendors.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Matt outlined his plan to audit the election in key states and launched a GoFundMe page which is currently under review (“Getting nuked still a possibility,” he says). Immediately after his tweet went viral, Matt had raised over $200,000

After $100K was quickly raised, however, Braynard later bumped the goal to $250,000, with which he will establish “call centers that will run down any and all inactive/less active or moved voters who were marked as casting ballots,” adding “We’ll then get any who said they didn’t cast a ballot to sign affidavits, and it all goes to law enforcement and the media.”

Here is Matt’s first tweet.

So far, Matt is making good on his promise. Below is the status update he provided via his Twitter page.

Below is how Matt describes the effort on the GoFundMe page.

“Voter Fraud Detection: AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, WI

 100% of this money will be used to pay for an investigation into voter fraud in AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, and WI. I initially estimated 100k but it could cost more.

I will compare the voter records of those who requested early/absentee ballot with the Social Security Death Index and the National Change of Address Database, and then provide the list of all the matches.

Even just a few matches would be indicative of a much more substantial voter fraud operation since matches to dead/moved voters would be incidental.

I will provide receipt for every expense. I will personally take absolutely nothing from the money raised here.

EDIT: Because the goal was hit, I increased it to $250,000. See the update below for how that money will be allocated.”

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