Unlock The Secrets To Growing Your Audience: 5 Proven ChatGPT Prompts

Starting or growing any business can be made better with an audience. Having a large group of people ready to hear from you and take action can be the difference between launching to customers and not having any, growing organically and needing ads, or getting feedback and being left in the dark. Find people who match the description of your dream customer and figure out how to engage them and build a loyal following. Become an integral part of their world so they want what you make.

ChatGPT can help you find your people and build your audience. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Grow your audience with these ChatGPT prompts

Find where to double down

If you try to speak to everyone, everywhere, you’ll spread yourself so thinly you won’t see real results. Instead of logging into every potential audience-building platform, hang back and assess your options before doubling down on one or two. With this prompt you can find where your ideal customer is hanging out, to meet them where they already spend time. Match your strategy with theirs for less effort searching, leaving more space to create and engage.

“I would like to identify the best social media platforms to focus on for my business. My ideal customer has these characteristics: [insert age range, interests, professional background, and other relevant demographics]. Based on this, which social media platforms are most likely to have a high concentration of this audience? Please provide statistics and reasons why these platforms are a suitable match for reaching my ideal customer, to help me optimize my social media strategy and efforts.”

Redirect people there

If you’re going to double down in one or two places, make a plan for what you do with the other accounts. Dormant social media profiles with no signposting don’t help anyone. If you’re going to engage on X (formerly Twitter) but not log into Instagram, send a message to let people know. Inform anyone stumbling across your Instagram that X is the place to be. Let go of the need to check every account every week, and let people funnel across to where you’ll actually be. Use ChatGPT to get the message to send.

“I have decided to focus primarily on [state your chosen primary platform, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter] and will not be active on [state the platforms you’re leaving, e.g., Instagram, Facebook]. Can you help me compose a social media update for my less active accounts that informs followers of this change? The message should encourage them to join me on [your chosen primary platform], explaining that it’s where I’ll be most active and engaged with my audience. It should be friendly and clear, ensuring that anyone visiting my other accounts knows where to find me for updates, insights, and interaction.”

Find your content pillars

If content is king, consistency is queen and clarity is the prince. Be consistent and clear with your content, and do this with content pillars. Your audience should see something you published and instantly know you wrote it, without even seeing your name. Your voice, style and tone should come across in buckets, and you should talk about a handful of topics on repeat. Use ChatGPT to find your pillars, get super knowledgeable in a few key areas, and do less but better in terms of sharing. Find the topics that align with your audience’s interests with this simple prompt.

“I need to identify key content pillars for my social media strategy. My ideal audience has these desires and challenges: [insert information about audience’s desires and challenges]. My expertise and field are [describe your expertise and field]. Based on this information, act as a social media consultant and define 4 content pillars for my content creation. Additionally, provide reasons for choosing each pillar and offer initial content ideas that align with these themes, helping me maintain a consistent and recognizable voice across my content.”

Create an engagement schedule

It’s not enough to prolifically share content across one social media account. To build an audience, you have to engage. The biggest accounts did this every single day before they were that size, and now that’s required of you. Get help from ChatGPT. If you have the paid version, take a screenshot of your calendar and upload it to the chat. Ask for suggestions on when you should engage, for how long, and what you should do, then make engaging online a habit. Let ChatGPT guide you down the road of building connections that last.

“I have uploaded a screenshot of my current calendar. Considering the social network [mention the specific network, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter] and the audience I’m targeting, as previously specified, can you suggest an engagement schedule for me? Please advise on the best times each day for me to engage, how long each session should be, and what types of engagement activities (like commenting, sharing, posting) would be most effective. My goal is to make engaging with my audience online a consistent habit and to build lasting connections.”

Make it a game

Growing an audience should be fun. Every new follower could mark the start of something great. A new friend, fan or customer. A new set of eyes and ears on your product and message. But when you feel like you’re on the content grind and engagement isn’t something you’re pumped to do, how do you remember to stay on track for the long term benefits? Use ChatGPT to create a 30-day challenge of tasks you should do every day. With your checklist in hand, put your favourite concentration music on and block out the world as you get through the tasks. Every week, track specific metrics for reminders that your hard work is paying off.

“Create a 30-day challenge for me, focusing on building my audience on [mention your chosen social network, e.g., Instagram, LinkedIn]. The challenge should include 6 daily tasks related to content creation, engagement, and audience growth. These tasks should be actionable and varied enough to keep the process engaging. Additionally, specify which metrics I should track every 7 days to monitor my progress and see what’s working. This way, I can stay motivated by seeing tangible results of my efforts.”

Unlock audience-building habits, tricks and tactics with 5 ChatGPT prompts

Take the guesswork out of building an audience with these 5 simple prompts for ChatGPT. Meet your potential audience where they’re already spending time and redirect people there from other places you have a presence. Figure out your top content pillars to share messages that resonate, and engage every day with new people who could turn into customers. Finally, make it a game. Turn your work into a 30-day challenge that keeps you on track with your hard work and ensures you see the results.

There’s no excuse not to build your personal brand and grow your audience to new heights when you use these prompts and follow their guidance.

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