Steve Jobs’ Daughter Shares Never-Before-Heard Stories of Love and Cruelty About Her Father

The autobiography of Lisa Brennan-Jobs has just been published in Spanish, and in it, she shows us another side of the Apple co-founder.

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The autobiography of Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Small Fry: A Memoir, has just been published in Spanish, and in it, she shows us another side of the iconic Apple co-founder.

In the book, whose English name refers to the nickname Jobs had for his daughter, she shares details about the complicated relationship they had as father and daughter.

In Minimos Peces, the title with which Edhasa Publishers brings this book to Spanish, Brennan-Jobs tells how her relationship with her father always fluctuated between tenderness and cruelty. For example, in Spanish, the nickname “Small Fry” can be translated both as “little fish” and “nobody.”

Brennan-Jobs is a journalist with a degree from Harvard. To write the book, she returned home to interview relatives, neighbors, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends of her parents. She explains that as a journalist, writing a novel was a difficult process, but necessary to understand herself.

Image: Editorial Edhasa

As she stated at the time to The New York Times, what the author seeks is not to tell the gossip about the life of Steve Jobs to satisfy the curiosity of the fans, but to write the story of a family that lived in California in the 80s and the problems they faced.

“I wanted to write this book even though it involved such a famous person, it is not the memoirs of the daughter of a celebrity. I was interested in telling the story of a family and a girl who grew up in the eighties and nineties in California because if I really managed to do it I was going to get a universal story,” Brennan-Jobs told The New York Times

Brennan-Jobs reveals in her book that she didn’t have an easy relationship with her father. Steve Jobs withdrew his support when he found out Brennan-Jobs’ mother, Chrisann Brennan, was pregnant, so Brennan moved to a farm in Oregon where she raised her daughter with help from Social Services. It wasn’t until Brennan-Jobs was seven years old and had a DNA test showing parentage that Jobs recognized her as his daughter and began incorporating her into his family.

“I am your father. And I am one of the most important people you will meet in your life,” he told her. 

In the book, Brennan-Jobs shares several anecdotes that show the cruel character that her father could exhibit. He refused to turn the heat on in his room to “give it character” and asked her not to talk to her mother for six months after she moved in with him and his other family.

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