From Deep Fryers to Bags of Rice, Here’s What Users Got Instead of Their PlayStation 5

At first, it seemed like a joke, however, the complaints on social networks are growing.

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  • It is speculated that these are thefts by dealers outside Amazon UK.

In Mexico we have already seen cases in which someone asked for a cell phone online and a juice arrived, but this time a video game console was exchanged for cat food. PlayStation 5 (PS5) went on sale in Europe this Thursday, November 19 and oh surprise! Users who requested it through Amazon received everything except the device.

From deep fryers to bags of rice and cat food. Users in the United Kingdom began to report, through their Twitter accounts, that they had received all kinds of objects instead of their PS5.

According to Eurogamer reports, at first it seemed to be a kind of joke, however, complaints on social networks were growing and even friends and colleagues in the middle were affected by the situation.

Among those affected, the CEO of Push Square, Anthony Dickens, and the journalist and MTV presenter Bex April May came to light.

“So @AmazonUK Looks like someone stole my PS5 (one day late). Right outer box, wrong item. Where can I get help?” Said Anthony Dickens.

“Happy # PS5 day everyone. Tried to document our presentation, but Amazon tricked us with an unsolicited fryer (after giving the delivery password). Has anyone else had this issue today?” Commented Bex April May.

It is speculated that these are thefts by dealers outside Amazon UK, as some of the users reported irregularities in the deliveries, such as that the QR verification code was damaging and open boxes.

In a statement to Eurogamer , Amazon has acknowledged the widespread problems with its PlayStation 5 deliveries and promised to “fix” it for every customer it contacts.

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