Find Your Niche To Go Further In Your Industry: A Case Study With Dr. Aaron Rollins

With a little determination, creativity and hard work, you can build the career you want. Finding true success, though, is a little more challenging. I frequently talk about the importance of finding your niche, especially in personal branding, so that you can achieve success in your career. Those tenets of career success are still true, but there’s more behind it all.

If you find your niche, you can move your industry forward.

Honing your focus, developing your expertise, and settling on a niche has an even greater impact than simply propelling your career. If you really dial in, you have the ability to transform your industry as a whole by focusing on your area of expertise. That was the case with Dr. Aaron Rollins, founder of Elite Body Sculpture. Rollins started his career as a cosmetic surgeon, focusing his efforts on being the best in his industry, developing his expertise by researching and studying new techniques as they became available.

Driven by feedback from his patients, Rollins invented a new technology that allowed for better results and increased patient comfort. His technology, called AirSculpt, has transformed the industry.

But at the core of all of this, he said the most important element of his success was his ability to focus. Keeping his attention on this one area of expertise and the continued development of AirSculpt, his company expanded to reach more than 15 locations across the United States. Here, he shares the top three elements you need to find a niche that will transform your industry.

Strive to Be an Early Adopter

Rollins attributes his success to his openness toward new technologies. If you want to transform your industry, keep your finger on the latest technologies and be willing to try them out when they take off. This means that you must be hyper-focused on your niche and understand where you fit into the broader industry landscape. 

Becoming an early adopter can look different in each industry. If you are in social media or marketing, stay on top of the trends or newest platforms as they arise. If you are in business, follow industry leaders within your niche and learn from them. No matter what, the most important factor is that you learn to leverage new technologies with your specific niche in mind. This will make you the first-to-market leader, and you will be able to transform your industry as an early adopter.

Find Your Target Market’s Problem, and Become the Solution

Every industry has its pitfalls, so find a niche that can act as a solution to long-standing issues. Prior to developing AirSculpt, Rollins said he was frustrated with the lack of new technology within his field. His clients were suffering, and he knew there had to be a better way. When he took into account the main concerns of his patients besides their results, he found that they cared about comfort and downtime after the procedure. He acted as a solution to these problems when he founded AirSculpt, which is a minimally invasive alternative that requires significantly less downtime than liposuction.

If you still haven’t determined your niche, look for the problems within your area of interest and figure out how you can solve them. Your work to create solutions will transform your industry and help others around you better serve their clients, customers or followers. 

Leverage Others’ Expertise and Build a Diverse Team

Rollins recognizes that his technology would not have been possible without the help of his team. If you are going to be hyper-focused on your niche, you need other people on your team who can bring expertise to areas where you may have blind spots. If you want to transform an industry, you need to be an expert and you need the best team around you. It is essential that you bring in people who can propel your mission, and your innovative ideas even further. 

Bring in others with their own expertise so you can build a well-rounded team and transform the industry together.

There are so many career types available in 2021, but it’s essential to find a niche and hone your focus if you want to be an innovator. You will have a far greater impact on your industry, or the world as a whole, if you can concentrate your efforts. Know that finding your niche is a process, but it is well worthwhile.

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