Building And Keeping A High-End Client Base: A Case Study With Dr. Simon Ourion

Working with high-end clients in a luxury industry comes with its own set of rules. 

Expectations, naturally, tend to be higher. Referrals and referral marketing is crucial. Marketing your exclusivity, rather than your accessibility, is key. 

Few know this better than Dr. Simon Ourion, a cosmetic dermatologist who’s been building a  devoted, high-end clientele since he opened his office doors in Beverly Hills in the late 1990s. Since then, he’s worked with celebrities including the Kardashian family, Lady Gaga, and Sofia Vergara, along with many others. He’s also the creator of a line of skincare products, MDO

I chatted virtually with Dr. Ourion recently to get his insights into how to take care of your high-end clients. 

Shama Hyder: You’ve been working with highly exclusive clients for decades. What are some of the most important things you’ve learned about attracting high-end clients? 

Dr. Ourion: Exclusivity is a powerful and empowering ingredient. Infuse a special quality into the look and feel of what you are offering to your high-end clients. These clients at the top are uncommon, not common. Help them feel that way!

I’d also say, do not sell yourself short. Reserving a limited number of slots for high-end clients is a decision that guarantees you the value that you deserve—there are only so many seats, and access is not unlimited. Remember that your clients desire one-on-one access to your knowledge—your gift is a privilege. 

Don’t forget that you have to match this idea with a level of respect. Not all clients are right-fit clients, nor do they want to be. You have to choose each other for it to be beneficial.

Hyder: How do you find those “right-fit” clients—ones who are willing to pay higher prices, devote more time and energy, and essentially do whatever it takes to work with you? 

Ourion: You have to create a process that selects prospects who meet your highest objectives. That’s how you create an exclusive look and feel, and make the partnership a win-win.

Place stepping stones in front of your pool of candidates, and see which clients will not only put in the work to participate, but apply what you can teach them. There is beauty in a relationship based on reciprocity. It will help you and your high-end client reach your highest potential. Not everyone can walk the red carpet with you!

Hyder: How about marketing your exclusive packages? Can you give readers some advice on how to capture clients’ interest?

Ourion: In my experience, the whole package for your right-fit client is like a library—you need the bookends as well as the books.

In order to successfully package an exclusive offering, the first bookend needs to be a bonus that removes an obstacle, opening the door to attract a high-end client to use your services. The knowledge and substance, or the books that you place between the bookends, is your core product. Come full circle by adding a second bookend, and bind together what you have to offer with an unexpected bonus. Feel good offering something that is sure to boost the results for the client of your dreams, and make sure you show gratitude for their commitment to your program.

Hyder: How has working with clients who expect and demand the very best changed the way you see your work and your business? 

Ourion: When you raise the bar for your clients, you have to remember that this applies to you too. You, as a business owner, must also up the ante by adding perceived value to what you have to offer. I am a firm believer that my clients motivate me to be my best and deliver the best through my programs and services.

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