5 ChatGPT Prompts For Effortless Recruitment

Suboptimal employees create suboptimal companies. Great employees create great companies. It’s simple. Finding those great employees is on you, as the company’s owner, to make the right recruitment decisions or empower your team to know what to look for. You can’t scrimp on recruitment. Letting in anyone less than ideal will spell disaster over a long enough period.

Even if you’re rushed off your feet, do recruitment right. Using these ChatGPT prompts can save you time and make it more likely you’ll find some awesome talent.

Supercharge recruitment with these 5 prompts for ChatGPT

Create a compelling job description

The job description marks the first impression someone will have of your company and their potential role, so don’t waste this moment. Think carefully about how accurately it describes the role, how attractive the role sounds, and what kind of person it might attract. Think of how the job description makes you look as a company: considered and intentional or disorganized and haphazard. The best candidates want the best places, so demonstrate you’re one of those. This prompt will create a simple yet powerful job description from basic information.

“I’m hiring for a new team member who will carry out the responsibilities of [enter responsibilities] with the goal of [add information about the goal of their role.] It’s important that this person is [describe the qualities you want this person to have]. They will report to [job title] who is responsible for [their role description]. Really cool things about this role are [describe the key points]. Create a job description with a strong opening paragraph that grabs attention, a succinct list of the role’s main responsibilities, and section with the header ‘Apply if you fit the following description,’ followed by a bullet point list of the ideal candidate. Add a section for the salary and benefits, which are [enter details] and explain how someone applies for this role, which are [describe how someone applies]. [Link to a Google Form where you collect information of interested candidates].”

Filter applicants quickly

Once you’ve put your job description out in the world, you’ll have hundreds of people getting in touch. Download the spreadsheet of candidate responses from the Google Form you linked in the application details and use Code Interpreter (on the paid version of ChatGPT) to tell you more. Use this prompt to assess who best matches the job description. Let ChatGPT run analyses and draw patterns so you can decide who to hire based on its considered recommendations. Doing this yourself might take hours, but if your job description is accurate, this is a simple task for Code Interpreter. Decide who to discard based on ChatGPT’s assessment.

“I am uploading a spreadsheet of the applicants received for the role with job description as follows: [paste job description]. Can you go through this spreadsheet and sort the candidates by how well they match the job description’s requirements. Display them in order of most to least suitable and create a table with the information so I can contact the best candidates about the next stage. Please mark any candidate who [any specific information that would make someone unsuitable] as unsuitable for the role and explain why.”

Ask better interview questions

Assuming you’re holding live interviews, you should now know which candidates you want to meet. Here’s how to prepare your interview questions to ensure you hire the best person for the job. Test their skills and competencies against the role they will be doing by matching your questions to each element. Most interviews aren’t this well-planned. Busy entrepreneurs go on gut feel, fall for every bias, and award the most confident person with the role. Don’t fall into this trap by planning every interview with the following prompt.

“I am hiring for the role with job description as follows: [paste job description]. I am seeing candidates for [length of interview] and want to test their suitability for the role. Create a set of interview questions for this interview. For each one, include follow up questions. Describe the competency each question tests, add information about what I should look for in a good response. Finally, and this is important, give a scoring framework for the entire interview, so I can compare candidates when the interviews are complete.”

Hire in a fair and inclusive way

Recruitment is inherently biased, and AI can be too. If you train a model with an accidental preference for people named John, over time more Johns will get the job. Humans are even more flawed, making decisions from cognitive biases we’re unaware of. But understanding the tricks the mind might play can help you avoid them. Equip your team to make the right call based on the objective information at hand, and do the same yourself. Make your perceptiveness work for you, and hire in a fair and inclusive way.

“I want to make sure I am hiring in a fair and inclusive way. Use this job description and role requirements: [paste them here]. Tell me the potential biases that I may encounter in this hiring process, and how to avoid them. Explain how I can take additional steps to avoid stereotypes or accidental discrimination and ensure diversity and inclusion in my selection process.”

Improve their onboarding

Once you’ve offered someone the role, and their start date is in the calendar, you’re still only halfway there. Even the best candidate in the world will be rendered useless unless onboarded well. A solid first few days will mean you bring out their best work in the short and long term of your partnership. A sloppy start might mean they leave. Within the onboarding period, you are testing each other and setting up habits that will stick. Use this prompt to prepare for the journey and plan a successful introductory phase.

“I want a successful onboarding process for my new team member, whose role has the following responsibilities: [paste role responsibilities]. Within their probation period of [duration] I want to make sure that (a) I have the right person (b) play to their strengths and (c) my company is seen as a great place to work. Create an onboarding plan for this new hire, over this duration, split into [days/weeks/months] and list what should happen within each time period to ensure a successful onboarding and a successful probationary period for both parties.”

ChatGPT prompts to hire better people

You can improve every element of your recruitment process with these 5 powerful prompts and ChatGPT, or your large language model of choice. Write a better job description and filter far faster. Conduct impressive interviews, make fairness your mission, and onboard the right candidate in the best possible way.

Hire better people who will be an asset to your team and help to grow your business. This is too important a process to leave to chance.

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