Your Pisces Tarot Horoscope for the Month Ahead

What does your best 2022 look like, dear Pisces? Your monthly tarotscopes—or tarot horoscopes, a combination of tarot cards and astrology—are here to help. Ask yourself tough questions, make the changes necessary to grow, and you’ll be on the path to discover your highest vibrational self in the year ahead. 

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign with your monthly tarot horoscope, Pisces. And if you’d like more guidance, check out Glamour’s weekly horoscopes or consult the other zodiac signs’ monthly tarotscope

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based spiritual advisor, intuitive tarot card reader, and author whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at themeghanrose.com and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

May 2022

Queen of Swords: Pisces, you are a boundary boss! This month is going to be deeply transformational for you once you start realizing and acting in your full self-worth. Let yourself show up truthfully to everyone around you, not just a select few. Remember that you have certain hats that you need to wear (worker, child, friend, etc.) and each of them cannot be on at the same time. Pick and choose how you show up, but show up authentically in all of those scenarios. You are truly a master of self-preservation and this month will put that skill to the test.

If you feel like you’ve gotten behind recently on your routines and self-care, May will be a great month to start giving back to yourself. Let yourself shine in a state of relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. If you don’t already have a spa day or vacation on the books, now is the time. No more excuses as to why you come last on the list of priorities. You are (and always will be) your number one relationship to tend to. Don’t lose sight of that by focusing too much on others.

April 2022

Strength: My Dear Pisces, this month you are going to be gifted new opportunities that are larger than life. I see many of you getting asked to do something outside of your comfort zone that’s either on your bucket list or will put you into a new financial bracket—and that’s exciting! However, it will take a different level of time and dedication than you’ve ever had, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Once you start to look at life differently, you will start to experience it differently. You’re running on a perpetual state of burnout from not putting yourself first or listening to your inner compass, and that’s no one’s fault but your own. Once you release yourself from self-victimization, you will realize that you’re not being punished by leveling up.

If you’ve been in a relationship or just recently got involved with someone, you may have a difficult conversation that arises with them. Remember, no one is ever going to be perfect. If you are both be willing to work through this, I see things getting even better than they were before this hiccup. If you want to find someone who accepts both your good and bad sides, you have to be willing to do the same. Big hugs, and best of luck this month!

March 2022

Judgment: Pisces, it seems like this month has been one of deep inner reflection and truly taking inventory of the things that work and don’t work in your life. If you’ve been struggling to gain clarity on what you want from the future, you would benefit deeply from creating a more tactile routine in your life. Get reacquainted with the type of touch, feel, and texture that you enjoy, and bring those elements into your home. When you take your power back from needing touch from others, you can start to discern where you receive healthy forms of love and find new (and consistent) ways to give love to yourself!

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