Your Lord and Savior ‘M3GAN’ Is Streaming

Have you been converted into a M3GAN fan yet? Well, if you still haven’t seen the sci-fi horror comedy yet, what rock are you living under? The infamous robot-doll-pop-singer-viral-dance sensation has left an impressive mark on 2023 so far. M3GAN raked in big box office numbers, had many a meme made out of her sassy head tilts, and even has Drew Barrymore dressing up as her! (Why, Drew?!) M3GAN is an icon in every sense. We have no doubt that by Halloween there will be thousands of M3GANs running around your neighborhood. We’ve even been blessed with the good news that we’re getting a M3GAN sequel in due time. With Allison Williams and Violet McGraw returning, we can’t wait to see what our besties are up to next.

Seriously, though—if you have yet to watch M3GAN, you’re missing out a tight 102 minutes of hilarity, debauchery, and hijinks. In the film, we follow Gemma (Williams), a creative tech genius who is working on a children’s toy to end children’s toys. The Model 3 Generative Android, AKA M3GAN, is a robot built with incredible AI—which Gemma uses as a guardian by proxy to her niece, Cady (McGraw), who was recently orphaned. The bonds in this trio become so entangled and complex that you’ll have to see for yourself where the ride takes you.

Lucky for you, M3GAN is not only playing in a theater near you, but the film is finally available to buy or rent from home. So it’s time to link up with your own smart devices, pull up your streaming service of choice, and get very, very creeped out.

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Sirena He is an editorial assistant and writer who focuses on media and culture. She is a lover of horror films and believes in the healing power of storytelling.

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